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IP Stresser Creation
We at Synful Software having been creating IP stress testing services for over 3 years, and have an unmatched record when it comes to the software we have created, our support and our development ability.

All of our applications come with only the best security. Our API's are managed by a web based content management system, so only users with the
appropriate access can send attacks. Our web based cms is also highly protection, redundant, and incredibly quick. For more information on our cms, servers and more, contact me via the CabConModding Private Messages.


Types of Stresser Panel
  • Web Based: $70 / Yearly
    - Stresser Setup
    - Domain
    - Hosting
    - CloudFlare Protection
    - 5 Email Addresses
  • Windows Application: $40 / Yearly
    - Application Stresser Setup
    - Web Based Administrator Panel
    - Domain (for content storage)
    - Hosting
    - CloudFlare Protection
    - 5 Email Addresses

  • BYO: $2
  • Lifetime API: $110
    - 3600 Seconds
    - 3 Concurrent Attacks
    - 50+ Gbps


  • Stresser is "owned" by you
  • Stresser is "white-label"... No one will know that you didn't create the Stresser
  • All payments go directly to your PayPal address
  • All prices are in USD
  • We, Synful Software, take no responsibility when it comes to your stresser. If it gets taken down, that's your issue. We will, however, provide on going support for the lifetime of your stresser

In order to purchase one of these plans, please open a Private Message with me and then we will discuss what options you would like to purchase and how it would be setup.