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Hello guys :handwaving:,
I hope all of you are doing great! Today I would love to share with you our new landing page! We have now a list of new and top threads and a grid view of some important updates. We will update this grid view in the future with selected threads by you guys! As always, please share your feedback below! :CCMparty:

What is with the Shoutbox?
Unfortunately the shoutbox is still not running. I'm trying my best since December to get it working with xenForo 2.0 but there are tons of troubles and if I fixed one there is another one. I'm really getting tired of this. :expressionless: So I decided today to set myself an ultimatum: If the shoutbox isn't working till February we won't use our NodeJS shoutbox and will switch to another one. (If anyone can recommend, let me know :wink: )

Thank you! Have a great day!