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    HowToMedia is a community consisting of discussions about design, videos, photography and drawing with "Adobe"-programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign.

    Target customers
    The target is to create a community for designers where they can find useful tutorials, share their work or enhance their skills. On the other hand they want to give everybody the opportunity to lift up their products with a better design. They want to reach, support and work for these peoples and enhance their products with a successful brand identity, including logo design, color theory, typography, icons and imagery. If you are exactly looking for this, check out this section. You can request your website/print-medial/product analysis Please login or register to view links or downloads!.

    Who they are?
    They are a group of friends, who are currently studying media design in Stuttgart, who decided to create a good design forum since there aren't any.
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    Contact: [email protected] or Please login or register to view links or downloads!

    Where they are?
    They are currently working on their own theme, the team and the structure of the website.

    screencapture-howtomedia-co-1517764737898.png screencapture-howtomedia-co-1517766179781.png

    What do you think is missing? What shall they enhance? Please ensure to share your opinion below!

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