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Question Is Redacted clients for Bo2 illegal

Discussion in 'Questions' started by HellishNZ, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. sonofCain

    sonofCain Member

    Generally it is legal to use, but not legal to sell or money off of such hacks.
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    Distributing and making money from hacks / mods is arguable unfair competition with the game developer, but only a judge can make a ruling of course. But generally using a hack is not any kind of problems, as long as you are not hurting the game directly (eg causing lag, server load ect).
  2. Harry

    Harry I'm 'Serious'ly a better Developer

    Redacted would be classified as "illegal", due to it breaching strict copyright (& DCMA laws, which since Treyarch is an American company, DCMA protects this). However, a judge would laugh at you for using a "hacked" client in a court room... However, for the developers of such a client, a judge would usually rule in the favour of Activision's lawyers (being the one taking you to court), and such a consequence would be amplified if the Redacted client would be sold. Remember, this isn't a "hack", "cheat" or "bot", but rather a "client" capable of bypassing Copyright's restrictions...

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