Release [NEW] Dumble's Zombieland Edit 4.0 [CRAZY STABLE] [XBOX/PS3]



I've been working on this for a while, stabilizing it and making sure it works perfectly. I don't take credit for practically most of this, most functions are from other users/gamemodes. I would like to personally thank Skonafid as his Zombieland edit is a base for my edit, I can't really credit anyone else as I can't remember who ever and specific names for everything.

It's been a long time since I've seen a refreshing thing posted here, so let me release my new Zombieland edit. My name is Dumble, I use to be quite known on YouTube until I was terminated for f*ck all, but that's the past. I'm now here trying to keep the community alive with some creative releases of popular gamemodes. Hopefully you guys enjoy, I will never profit off my releases.

If you're a streamer, please inbox me, I have a specific release for you guys to prevent you getting banned from Twitch/Hitbox/YouTube Gaming for going against their TOS with "modding".

Goal for this version of Zombieland

What does this edit bring?

There may be a few things I need to modify and improve, this is currently in Beta and hopefully your suggestions can help me improve this edit. I hope to frequently release updates for this. Feel free to report bugs below.

Video Gameplay (If you have video gameplay of any version of my edit, please feel free to post below and I'll add to this ASAP!):

Latest Version: Edit 4.0 Updated: 17th July 2016
I'll try and get out regular updates with different functions and map edits
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Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoy this! Have some fun with it.
As I stated, credit to their respective owners, functions HAVE been taken from other gamemodes and other creators work in order to form this edit, don't bash on me for "taking responsibility for someone elses work", I also worked hard to stabilize many things and fix various things, hopefully you guys can just enjoy and give suggestions on how to improve and make this better for everyone.