call of duty: black ops 2 mods

  1. M

    Preview ZerO Mod Menu [WIP] |Black Ops II Mod Menu

    Credits StonedYoda - Menu Base and other sources from other people ex.ItsLollo1000, etc. Menu Base : Release - Official Menubase for Bo2 (GSC) | CabConModding I managed to get the menu to be almost stealthy ( I edited the base ) EDIT : It's now stealth! below is old version...
  2. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Perxy v2 Non-Host SPRX

    Here is the second version of my menu More details in the included info text document :smile: Enjoy no new thread cuz im lazy Download: Perxy SPRX v2
  3. Reezh16

    Release BO2 GSC Reezh's Trickshot Menu

    Hey guys, I'm just releasing my very first mod menu (Reezh's Trickshot Menu). And as you guessed it, yes its a Trickshot menu with some very useful stuff. Because I have been away for a long time I have just left it and was hoping to release it when I got it finished... Well its been finished...
  4. Bananapie20

    Answered Elegance v5 For PC

    Can Somebody Compile Elegance V5 For PC.
  5. Slander

    Release [X360/PS3] Project Azn GSC Menu | By Slander and Pyrex BLJ

    Hello CCM! Today, I will be releasing the first iteration of a menu I re-worked by Pyrex BLJ. Pyrex released a menu a while back called "Redacted Project" and I decided to work with it and understand GSC as this is my very first time working with GSC. This is the console version!! If you desire...
  6. candy

    Release Infections Menu

    Black Ops 2 Infections Menu Hello so this is just a menu base I made awhile back but i heard people are releasing infections menus which is insanely ridiculous because this has been out for over a year, its been in my open source gamemodes etc, but here is the menu with 13 infections, you can...
  7. A

    Question Anybody Have a Mod Menu For PC?

    I have been looking for a mod menu for weeks but I cant find one that works I am looking for a GSC mod menu if you post a mod menu also please say the controls
  8. sprx

    Release [PS3][BO2] Izone Clans RTM Tool

    Hello everyone i am releasing a RTM Tool that i have spent generous amount of time on and please dont give me any hate, this is my first tool! Currently this tool is in BETA so there could be some issues! ___________________________________________________________________________ Ingredients...
  9. S

    Release V1 Of ZodiacFramework SPRX :)

    Place The Spiky Folder in dev hdd0 EX:/dev_hdd0/Spiky Place The EBOOT.BIN in Your Desired Game Folder (BLUS31011, BLES01719, BLES01717, ETC) LOAD BO2 and You Will Be Good Enjoy Zodiac Framework This Menu is V1 In v2 im adding -Better PRe-game Menu -Scrollbar -Scroller Remembrance -ALOT MORE...
  10. candy

    Preview BO2 Gamemode [Raid]

    I've gotten a couple request to turn my raid edit into a gamemode. I'm up for ideas, I need something to work on. So if you have an idea let me hear it. The video is now private. I'm not too ken on zombieland, we don't need anymore. Something that hasn't been done before. Must be possible...
  11. E

    Preview PC/PS3/XBOX360 BO2 Mod Menu FaVaRo V1

    Hi guys, I am proud today to offer my first menu compatible with mod bo2 on all the plates created by me. Love and subscribe, it would make me happy. You can also give an opinion in the comments. That would help me a lot in version V2. I just want to say that the menu and French...
  12. yougotbanned_sorry_m8

    Answered Can I get VAC Baneed for useing GSC studio (steam) on privte match?

    i hear some pepole say you will get vac ban on privite match and some say you will not get banned???
  13. U

    Preview New Menu Pornhub V1

    I Am I Working On My First Menu **** Hub V1 Its Looking Good And Id Love If You Could Show Support Credits:
  14. JayCoder

    Question GSC Zombieland crashes after 6 people joined the lobby - Jtag rgh bo2 gsc menu

    Okay so im a little piss as if i use my zombieland it crashes after 6 people join it does the same thing for cooljays zombieland please help Skype: juggloswag
  15. E

    Question Bo2 Zombies Stats screwed up, need mod

    Title says it all. I was in a match in bo2 zombies until i noticed my stats (kills, downs, heashots, distance) is screwed up, with the distance stats having letters and other digits. I am frustrated because i worked very hard to get shotgun rank only for my stats to go crazy. Anyone knows any...
  16. M

    Release Black Ops 2 Trickshot Setup Mod

    yo, i made a bo2 trickshot mod. this mod is meant for quick trickshotting, i based it off of boots' challenge mod on mw2 boots' vid: bo2 trickshot mod: Credits: boots Virusscan
  17. F

    Release [ RE-UPLOAD ][ RELEASE ] Black Ops II Mod Menu [ Panacea v1.0 ] + Download + Source

    Hello, Today I'm releasing my menu "Panacea", I have been working on this project for a few months now and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, There is no video for this menu yet as I don't have a capture card so your more than welcome to record this menu, I hope you enjoy this menu and if you...
  18. F

    Answered Are there any Black Ops 2 Campaign Mods like Mod Menus?

    Ok so, I really want to explore the Black Ops 2 campaign maps in the game on my PC. Thanks.
  19. Vibrant

    Question Chams?

    Does Anyone Have Chams?
  20. Bananapie20

    Outdated Is there a version of TCM for the pc?

    Is there a version of TCM for the pc?