Article PS4 5.00 Jailbreak Has Been Achieved With Full Kernel Access


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A Jailbreak was achieved by using an existing and public WebKit exploit, again made available by Luca, in order to find a vulnerability within the PS4’s firmware. Luca has posted a photo to Twitter that would appear to corroborate this, too. However, before anyone gets too excited, we are still a way off this being made available for anyone else to try out with the chief reason for that being a need to keep vulnerabilities a secret.

If Luca does hold his jailbreak back in order to protect the exploit it uses, then while today’s news is important for the community, it will only serve as a source of frustration that a PS4 jailbreak is so near yet so far away. For now, it would seem that all we can really do is hope a second exploit is found, and found soon enough. A


As always has been the case, we will keep you updated as soon as we get to learn more about the whole PS4 jailbreak situation. Stay tuned for more.

(Source: Luca Todesco:
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What are your thoughts on this? Do you hope he releases it or would you rather something like this be kept private?
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