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Realm Royale, previously known as Paladins: Battlegrounds, is an upcoming free-to-play battle royale third-person shooter video game developed by Hi-Rez Studios.

This section is for all Realm Royale related discussions.

Realm Royale Hacks, Cheats and Mods Rules
  • Your Post MUST include a Preview in kind of a Video or Screenshot, both recommend, no matter what kind of content it is, except tutorials.
  • Your Post MUST include a small description like a feature list, or a mod description.
  • Your Mod/Post/thread MUST have a Credits List included, except requests.
  • It is recommed to add a virus scan within your original post if you are releasing a download link. To do a virus scan, use
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    . For your safety, it is not recommended to download any files without a virus scan link following the download link, except gsc files.
  • If you are going to critique something released by a member, one should use constructive criticism.
  • You're not allowed to post decompiled or not self-created sources expect it's a pack or a release of a selling menu.

The general forum board rules still apply, but these rules are made for this specific forum to bring you guys the best content.

Happy Modding!