Release TeamMoDz v1


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Hey CabCon Community :smile:
Here is our release [08-30-2012] of our Team MoDz v1.
Enjoy and report Bugs Please :y:
Thanks, TeamMoDz
[ seb5594, xePixTvx & ThePhantom410 ]

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Patch Contains
Main MoDz
-No Recoil
-Pro Mod
-Unlimited Ammo
-Modded Bullets
-Select Modded Bullets
-Walking AC130

More MoDz
-All Perks
-Switch Apperance
-Air Propulsion Gun
-Auto Dropshot

Fun MoDz
-Create Clone
-Money Rain
-Killer bear
-Kill Text
-Riot Man
-OMA Juggy
-Set on Fire
-Send to Space
-Bouncy Grenades
-Fake Airdrop
-Fake Multi-Kill

Weapon Menu
-Golden Desert Eagle
-Default Weapon
-Akimbo Default Weapon
-Akimbo Thumpers
-M4A1 Dtap
-Nuke AT-4
-Teleport Gun
-Spawn a Turret
-Stinger SPAS
-Super Models
-Atom Gun
-Sonic Boom
-Knife Gun
-FX Gun
-Random Camo
-Current Weapon Fall

Killstreak Menu
--Default Killstreaks

--Custom Killstreaks
-Super AC-130
-Strafe Run
-Pet Pavelow
-Circling Plane
-Mortar Team
-Javelin Rain
-Missile Barrage
-Suicide Bomber
-Mega Airdrop
-Mega Attack Force

Model Menu
-Care Package
-UAV Plane
-Sentry Gun
-Little Bird
-Dev Sphere
-Teddy Bear
-Sex Doll
-Benzin Barrel
-Green Bush
-Ammo Crate
-Palm Tree
-Blue Car
-Police Car

Shader Menu

Lobby MoDz
--Bots Menu
-Spawn a Bot
-Spawn 3x Bot
-Spawn 5x Bot
-Bots Move
-Bots Play

-Super Jump
-Super Speed
-Game Speed
-Melee range
-Disable Quit
-Friendly Fire
-Disable Team Change
-Pause Lobby
-Fast Restart
-End Game
-End Game with Credits

Build Menu
-Forge Mode
-Create Walls
-Create Ramps
-Create Teleporter
-Create Floor
-Create Moving Plattform
-Create Force Field
-Kids Ride
-Sky Base
-Sky Plaza
-Merry Go Round

Team Settings
--My Team
-Level 70
-Prestige 10
-Unlock all Challenges
-God Mode
-Send to Space

--Enemy Team
-Give Drugs
-Send to Space
-**** Up Classes
-Unlock all Challenges

Self MoDz
-Rank Up to Level 70
-Prestige Circular
-Prestige 999
-Unlock all Challenges
-Unbound Clan Tag
-Edit Stats
-Costum Clan Tag
-Costum Class Editor
-Receive Accolades
-Gold Dessert Eagle Classes
-Colored classes

Co Admin Menu
-Penis in the Sky
-Flyable Harrier
-Ufo Mode
-Stealth Aimbot
-Unfair Aimbot
-Pimped Weapon Box
-Spinning Ball Forcefield
-Teleport Everyone to me
-Terrible Pilots

All Player Menu
-Remove Acces
-Level 70
-Prestige 10
-Prestige 11
-Unlock all Challenges
-Kick all Player
-Kill all Player
-Freeze Everyone PS3
-**** Up Classes
-Colored Classes
-Rotate Screen
-Send to Space
-Turn to Exorcist

Infection Menu
-GB / MLG Package
-Cheaters Pack
-One Hit One Kill
-Toggle Cartoon Mode
-Toggle Chrome Mode

Vision Menu
-Alot of Visions ^^

Host Menu
-Force Host
-Do Heart
-Flashing Youtube
-Ban Menu
-Change Map
-Mod Menus

--Ban Menu
-Check Bans
-Unban All
-Unban banned Players

-- Change Map
- All Maps

-Quickscope Lobby
-No Scope Mod
-One in the Chamber
-Counterstrike Mod
-Roll the Dice
-Hide and Seek
-Drop Zone
-Gun Game
-Alien vs Predator
-Free For All
-Team Deathmatch
-Search and Destroy

--Mod Menus
-NBK v2
-NBK v4.20
-TheFallen's v4
-Super Lemon Haze v1
-Jokerreys v2.5b Blackrain
-Elite Mossys Privat Patch v2
-Mr-Modded-Clan Privat Patch v9
Current Version: [ 1.01 ]​

Download contain a patch_mp.ff but i thing everyone of you know how to convert it to PC or XBOX
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New Unlock All Challenge (With bar and Hudmessage)
Accolades, Colored & Deagle Classes -->Added a Text on Screen (printlnbold, that
you know it is activated)

Known Bugs
-Hide and Seek wont load :'(

All Credits in the Patch/Video!