Valve's Security Sucks

Huey Freeman

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I just felt like telling everyone this (I also just sent an email to valve about this)

When my main account got hacked before (I have it back now), I could physically see that the guy was changing my stuff because it was a rat on my pc, but how comes Valve has made it so to change your password you require a code from your email, But you can just change the account's email without any code.

That means if you're being hacked and you think "OH they need my email address to get the code" Think again, all they have to do is Go on ur account settings, change the email and then the password because the code will be sent to their email instead.

My profile that got hacked last year but Now I have back.
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I Now have mobile authenticator but I doubt that will stop them if I ever get a rat again.


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Lmao, can't lie. Whenever one of my friends lent me an account I would change the email then the pass and trick them in to thinking they sent it to the wrong person. Funny af.

But yeah, stupid system. My level 10 account got hacked and it was almost 4 months after submitting a ticket with proof of ownership when I received my account back