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  1. Freezee

    Discussion Instruments?

    Hello, do you guys play any instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele or anything else? I play guitar, I own a Fender Telecaster, what about you? This is what it looks like: You can also post instruments that you want to get in the future, I want to get this guitar asap when I have...
  2. The Dark Side

    Discussion Monitors!

    Heya everybody. I've been wondering... What kind of monitors do you guys have? What are they and what are the specs? Mine at the moment is a 4K 32' Monitor, its on the way here and ill edit this when i get it. The one i have now is meh. You don't wanna hear it...
  3. DF_AUS

    Discussion How do you like your women?....or men!!!

    Before we start, there is to be no hate here nor any immature remarks, doing so may result with a site warning. This is also not a dicussion regarding **** related hoes, so keep your comments related to this topic in the shower room! So, how do you like your women/or men? When your on the look...
  4. vRice

    Discussion What do you drive/ride?

    Howdy, I am alive and ya boy is back again. I thought I would update because I've just upgraded my car (massively) It's a 2015 SEAT Leon Cupra 280 DSG with 280bhp (a small upgrade from the 75bhp I had haha) Pictures: Original Thread: Like I mentioned, I've done a couple of slight...
  5. Harry

    Discussion What's the most stupid outcome from something that you've done online?

    For me, I got in-school suspended for posting a link to the google image search of a teacher and calling him "something rude"...
  6. Matt

    Discussion Watches?

    I’m sure I’ve made this thread before, but I’m curious if anyone here likes to wear watches? I’d love to see what everyone wears on their wrist! Today I’ve got my Rolex DayDate Presidental on, here’s an old pic: I also like Fashion watches like Armarni and Fossil. So what do you guys (or...
  7. Kyle Fardy

    Discussion Should Harry Leave CCM

    Do You Think @Harry Should Leave This Community
  8. Kyle Fardy

    Discussion Youtube Channel For CabConModding

    Things I Would Be Uploading Web Development Tutorials C# Development Tutorials Mod Menu Showcases RTM / RTE Tool Showcases Basically Anything To Do With Modding & Development @CabCon @DF_AUS @Freezee @Lucifer @P!X @SCP @The Dark Side @Venox
  9. Harry

    My Official Goodbye from Modding

    I started modding in 2012. I was 11 years old, a total f*cking skid, didn't know what 'GSC' or 'CFG' stood for... However, with the continual support and help from the members of this community, I was able to grow my knowledge into what I know today. I've been here since the days of 'The Squared...
  10. DF_AUS

    Discussion Is social media controlling peoples lives

    I thought I would bring this up In a discussion here, was talking with a few friends over the weekend at my place regarding how social media now days is such a high need with peoples lives. In public all I see is people ( old and young ) glued to there dam mobile/cell phones!!! Is social media...
  11. vampytwist

    Discussion Tattoos

    So, I'm a massive fan of tattoos, body modifications and piercings just thought I'd make a thread to see if any of you guys have any tattoos, body mods or piercing and if so what and where and was there any reasoning behind getting them done or was it impulsive? I have 2 tattoos and both my...
  12. The Dark Side

    Does Anybody Here Have A Hard Time Sleeping?

    Heya everyone! I was just wondering if anybody here has a hard time getting to sleep sometimes. And if so, what are your method(s) to getting to sleep faster? No trolls please. Serious question as i myself have the problem quite a bit. My solution sometimes helps me. It's music...
  13. Kyle Fardy

    How Long Have You Been Registered At CCM?

    Today Is My 1st Year Of Being In The CCM Community! How About You?
  14. mikefawkes

    Looking after your ps3

    Looking after your PS3 1) Common causes of crashing freezing and general bad performance is overheating of your PS3, its important that the "phat" builds especially get lots of space to breathe, if you are keeping it in a cupboard while its on for example - not only will you overheat it and...
  15. Justiceis4all

    Awesome Site For Modding Beginners :D

    somehow am starting to like this page for modding, i have ever modded on computer before, only on PS3, with GTA 5... but that mod wouldnt met me mod online with other people...but this mod page/site can... so thank you for creating this site.. and all the modders out there.. and ofc who CAN mod...
  16. swoon

    Petition to ban Harry from CCM

    reasons why Harry should be banned: Web stresser fgt Ugly profile pictures Sounds like a kid who just came out of birth Making a booter api and selling it Has an ugly website, and says "a small fee of .99 to remove it" He's ****ing hairy. Harry made SeriousHD leave. Harry likes little kids...
  17. CabCon

    Verify Integrity of Game Files using Steam

    Restart your computer and launch Steam From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes...
  18. O

    Does Anyone Know How To Fix This Error?

  19. swoon

    Booter.exe & VPN.exe

    Hello all, as you guys might have heard the name or might not. I'm an official reseller for licenses, and would like to sell you guys some licenses if you have any interest. I take many different payment options, and also many different subscriptions to fufill your needs. Here's a list below...

    Anyone want to start streaming Beam with me?

    Hey there! Im starting live streams for the fun of it and to get some other people from other community's to interact! Im looking for 3 others ages 14+ (14-20) respectively. We will be co-streaming so when you go to my or others channels it shows all four of us streaming. Xbox one only too. We...