GSC xePixTvx V18 Menu Base


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This is the menu base i used for my V18 :grinning:
I coded this base for my personal use and its maybe not user friendly sry

Multi Button Handling
Cursor Remember
Overflow Fix
Unlimited Scroll
Toggle System
Ingame Customizable: Change Colors and Position of menu and more
Welcome Screen
RGB Editor
Dvar Editor
Dvar Based Menu Access System
Multi Type Sub Menu System(Type 0 Default,Type 1 2 Line,Type 2 Multi Line)
Info Text
Ok now some info about the Files:
Loads the Menu System
Removes Death Triggers

Main File of the Mod
Setups the Menu Base,Overflowfix,Welcome Screen,Verifycation System

Contains common functions like Button Detection and Hud Elems and some Test Functions

Contains the Menu System,RGB,Dvar and Menu Position Editor

Contains the Menu Structure(Sub Menus,Options....)

Handles the Overflowfix and text setting after String are cleared for the menu system,Welcome Screen,Info Text and all editors

Feel free to Edit and or Port the Base as you like it just give Credits :grinning:
Great mod menu base
It's will work in PC?