1. HiNAtyu

    Preview [CoD:MW (2019)] Project HiNAtyu GSC Mod Menu (unfinished)

    Hello everyone at CabCon. I've recently been working on a GSC Mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). GSC development that is generally recognized is up to BO4, and has hardly been made public after MW19. This GSC Mod Menu is currently under construction and cannot be released yet...
  2. LiftHeavy96

    Question 1.2.211 RCE Old Menus

    Can you use old menus after the rce update? The pc game version looks to be the same? On steam. Just looking for prestige and unlocks, no in game hacks esp, no recoil, etc. just rank
  3. Superslut

    Removing gobblegums method in gsc. help <3

    I am currently working on a zombies mod menu and was looking forward to add an option to remove player gobblegums like in the Subversion GSC. I have no big understanding in decompiling and getting function names from cerberus decompiler, i have found the method in subversion but can't manage to...
  4. Xeirh

    GSC Illegally useful string conversations :D

    works pretty simple: * action: iprintln( capitalize_string( "capitalize me please" ) ); * return: Capitalize Me Please Now the cool stuff! item, let's say a level._effect: "grenade_samantha_steal" * action: iprintln( capitalize_string( string_convert(...
  5. Xeirh

    Release Black Ops II - Here, have a menu base edit :D

    the cool kids stuff: - infinity scroll - this chad xepixtvx - slider options - shader options\toggles - resizable menu options other stuff: - has a nice fancy xtul overflow - descriptions ehhhh - option tracker \ displays current option and max option size - precached shaders...
  6. Torq

    Release [BO2] 1-800 Torq Runz XBL Mod Menu Base (GSC) [TU18]

    Hello Welcome To My New BO2 Project Release!! Enjoy [%201-800%20Torq%20Runz%20XBL%20Mod%20Menu%20Base%20(GSC)%20[TU18]']Showcase]
  7. wurstnurst2

    GSC [PC]Private MP GSC Menu Release - Modded Stats + Prestige + more!

    Hello Guys Today im releasing my Private GSC Mod Menu for Multiplayer its still not finished and anyone who might want to help me implement more hit me up on discord :smile: idk where i got the source from but be aware this is not made from scratch just extended It has a lot of Features never...
  8. S

    xbox 360 gsc studio black ops 2 inject a compalid script files not showing up in gsc stupid

    I'm trying to load mods threw gsc studio but something is wrong with my studio files won't upload right and when i make a project i can't inject my gsc files because there showing not there in the gsc window to select them psl help iv already tried to uninstall it 1 time and still wont showup/work
  9. G

    Answered BO3 Change Zombie Spawn Delay code?

    I'm trying to add a option to change the Spawn delay of the zombies to a Mod Menu but i just can't find the code for this anywere on the web. Could someone please post the code here? I've seen it on some Mod Menus. Edit: Nevermind i finally got it working :)
  10. Littof

    Release GSC Base EnCore V11 Redo By Me

    Hi i redo the base EncoRe V11 Created By @CabCon Discord : Tobirama#5025 Xbox : Tunurs / Littof / Eau1 Original Creator : CabCon
  11. Littof

    GSC GSC Base Menu BO1 With Theme Loader Ported By Me

    Hi i ported this base on bo1 with theme loader :smile: Use Infinity Loader for create your menu . Discord : Tunurs#5025 XboxOne : Tunurs/Littof/Eau1
  12. Littof

    Release IW5 MP Base Menu Ported By Me

    hi i ported this base on bo2 enjoy !:smile: Discord : tobirama____
  13. Littof

    Release Black Ops 1 GSC Bossam Menu Base Ported by Tunurs

    Hey I imported the bossam base on bo1 :relaxed: Discord : Tunurs#5025 XboxOne : Tunurs/Littof/Eau1 Credits : Bossam And iTahhr I add the logo of bo1 in shader dm me if you have any question :handok:
  14. TruGam3rr

    Release bunch of bo2 mod menus i found somewhere

    NOTE:I DID NOT MAKE GSC Studio OR ANY OF THESE MENUS, IT IS JUST A MASH-UP!!!! iMCSx IS THE CREATOR OF GSC Studio!!!! i dont remember where i got this from but i do think i found it on a forum. anyways, just a mash-up or folder containing a bunch of different mod menus for zm and mp. ALSO, USE...
  15. Hentgvd

    Answered Update Prestige/ Scoreboard ingame ?

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im currently working on my Mod Menu. When i Change Prestiges it doesnt get shown in the scoreboard nor the Player Names. The Prestige that i've set will only be visible in the pause screen. After the match it does stick. I included " uploadstats &...
  16. SCP

    Tutorial How to install Black Ops 2 GSC Studio?

    Hello guys :handwaving:, today I would like to show you how to install Black Ops 2 GSC Studio since the original website is down. What is GSC Studio? GSC Studio is a tool for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with which you can inject GSC, GSCR and directly GSC code to the game. It's working with the...
  17. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mouse Cursor GSC Mod Menu + From where?

    Today I found this source in my download folder from 2017: Best regards, CabCon.
  18. CF4_99

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SP GSC Mod Menu by CF4_99 +Download

    Modern Warfare 3 SP Mod Menu Developed By CF4_99 NOTE: The only way to use this, is to inject using Infinity Loader Please Do Not Leave Any Opinions Based On Infinity Loader Prices For Infinity Loader: InfinityLoader The base was originally the TMIL Base made by AokMikey. I rebuilt and...
  19. ladlol

    Tutorial Black Ops 2 Plutonium Inject GSC mod / Load GSC mods

    Hi … so I see everyone posting and requesting I want a modmenu injector for plutonium and I wanted it too but I came up with a solution sorry about my grammar and spelling mistakes Updated tutorial from pluto: How to use a Mod Menu without Injecting (Loading GSC Scripts Client Sided) Step 1...
  20. N

    Question I need a BO2 Zombies GSC (Redacted)

    I need a GSC to make it so instead of dying in two hits from a zombie, you die in 3 hits. Also for jug, make it one more hit as well. Can anybody do this for me? No idea how to make a GSC myself lmao I need spoonfeed :)