black ops 1

  1. Zoronic

    Zoronic - Aka Adam

    What's up guys, my name is Adam. Relatively new to the modding scene but I have a knack for it. Been developing Nucleus Coop Splitscreen Händlers recently and am currently working on one for Black Ops 1. Looking forward to future modding projects.
  2. C

    Question Can I play a Black ops 1 Zombie mod menu together with friends / online?

    I searched for several days for a menu mod that might work online with friends but I can't find anything. I love encore8 but unfortunately it only works in single player mod. Would there be a menu mod that would work in multiplayer?
  3. Cookiesu

    How to create working ff files?

    So I've been trying for days now to find a .ff editor for Black ops PC, but with no luck so far. I found some that could extract the contents and I could edit the game code, but I will always end up with an server script compiling error. I don't know if I just can't edit the game code, but I...
  4. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Black Ops 1 GSC iMCSx's Mod Menu Open Source +Download

    Hello guys, today I would love to share this old days black ops 1 menu. Preview Features Credits @ItsFebiven (Porting to IL base) iMCSx maxX8230 Download iMCSx's Mod Menu for Infinity Loader iMCSx's Mod Menu for Mods Folder Virusscan (Check: VirusTotal scan) iMCSx's Mod Menu Happy...
  5. K

    Black Ops 1, Shangri-la 2 Player Easter Egg Mod

    Makes it possible to play the easter egg with only 2 players, obviously it works in multiplayer.... Go to Call of Duty Black Ops\zone\Common Find and replace the "zombie_temple_patch.ff" file with the one im providing here. All steps are the same, except for step 7, the one where u need to...
  6. B

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 PC, PS3, XBOX Mod Menu gsc.cty +Download

    Introducing my new improved GSC menu for Black Ops 1! Thanks to @ImJtagModz this is working for all clients on PS3 & XBOX. Video features some of the important features, everything else is explained in the and the release notes. Link to the Github page with Download...
  7. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Zombie EnCoReV8 - Source Code

    Hello cabconmodding :handwaving:, a few days ago someone asked me for the source of my EnCoReV8 Black Ops 1 Zombie Edition. Unfortunately I forgot where he asked me (skype? can't find the chat.., discord!?) so I decided to release it here with the hope that the person will find the source here...
  8. C

    Is there anyway of getting game_mod with the bgamer client?

    My friends and I want to try some of the easter egg mods for zombies and what not, but we don't know how to install game_mod for bgamer and we don't think it is possible. Is there a way and if there's not is there an alternative client we can use?
  9. O


    Can Xbox one users do any of the godmod/invisible classes on Black Ops 1® through infections?
  10. F

    Question Black Ops 1 BGamer Problem - Can't connect via Hamachi

    please i have a problem with bgamer black ops, i tried to join or to host my friend on zombie mode with hamachi but it say for the one who join "connecting" and then an error. someone can help me pls ?
  11. Iwau

    Article Iwau's Console ID Shop! ✔️Safe✔️Trusted✔️Satisfaction Guaranteed! ✔️ Cheap Price!

    Welcome To Iwau's Console ID Shop 1 Console Id + Psid Including 1 Month Warranty = 10$ What is a Console Id? Basically every PS3 has a unique console ID that is checked by sony's networks when you sign into PSN. If you are banned from PSN it is highly likely that your PS3's console ID has been...
  12. L

    Question Black Ops 1 Check Bypass Question

    How Is It That We Have All These Advanced Coders And No One Can Make A Bypass To Do BO1 GSC Online?? And If Its Not Possible Let Me Know Please
  13. lololool

    Question Can I have a mod menu online for Black Ops 1?

    I tried to play online with the mod menu Encore V8 but it doesen't works online... Who can help me? Thanks
  14. DJ Blurry Death

    Question What is the best Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 XBOX mod menu?

    Any best Xbox bo1 mod menus??
  15. S

    Question How can I use a Black Ops 1 USB mod menu?

    Can someone please send me a link to a bo1 mod menu that I can use for usb?
  16. yougotbanned_sorry_m8

    Answered Can i get vac banned for useing encorev8_3 pc???????

    I love to host modded lobbys but can i get vac ban for this (for useing encorev8_3)
  17. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Story Mode Campaign GSC Mod Menu Xbox/PC by McCoy5868 +Download

    Hi guys, today I will share with you a Black Ops 1 Campaign Mod menu for Black Ops 1. It's created by McCoy5868! Have fun with it! :grinning: Preview Download External GSC loader XBOX Version PC Version Collection of all versions - fileupload XBOX requirements: JTAG / RGH External GSC...
  18. T


    Can someone please explain how to uninstall a bo1 zombie mod menu asap
  19. M

    Question I need a Mod Menu for COD BO1 on 360

    Any one have a good mod menu?
  20. SCP

    Release [BO1] MW3 ACR in Call of Duty Black Ops 1 by Azsry + Download

    Hey CCM, this mod will bring the ACR to Black Ops 1. Have fun with it. (instructions are included) Download Here Credits Azsry - Tutorial Infinity Ward - Original weapon and animation files Treyarch - Original weapon and animation files elfenliedtopfan5 - Help on porting weapons Tom-Bmx -...