bo1 gsc

  1. vampytwist

    Release Black Ops 1 Zombie Physics 'N' Flex PC Mod Menu by vampytwist

    Well just got done full converting this to black ops 1, all the options work that I have tested if you encounter any bugs let me know and I shall fix as soon as I can. Video: Media: Credits: Aok Mikey Bad Syntax CoolBunny1234 AgreedBog381
  2. T


    Can someone please explain how to uninstall a bo1 zombie mod menu asap
  3. ColdClimateGFX

    Question Best Zombie Mod Menu?

    Hello I was just wondering what is the best mod menu for bo1 zombies. Please let me know rn i use a encore menu.
  4. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 1 Managed GSC Code List

    aHey heres a managed code list for GSC Codes from Call of Duty Black Ops 1. Just post your new codes below. General Files/Lists God Mode Fonts Button Codes Rotate Angles Please you this kind of way to post codes below: YOUR_FUNCTION_NAME
  5. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Multiplayer EnCoReV8 GSC Open Source Menu By CabCon PC + PS3 Verison

    Hello modders, coders and gamer. This is my final Black Ops 1 Multiplayer Menu. ► VIDEO ► CREDITS ► CODERS/SOURCE ► MENU INCLUDES ► MENU BUGS ► DOWNLOAD ► DOWNLOAD PC Version + Source Code ► DOWNLOAD PS3 Version + Source Code ► DOWNLOAD PC Version +...