1. Y


    if ur interested in a mod service for bo3 join my discord server AND I DONT CARE IF IM A PREMIUM MEMBER OR NOT SO DONT TELL ME I ALREADY KNOW PROOF IM LEGIT
  2. NowSynergy


    message me on discord -------- NowSynergy#4178 PC ONLY PAYPAL ONLY 25K CRYPTOKEYS - £8 80K LIQUID DIVINIUM - £6 15K CRYPTOKEYS - £6 50K LIQUID DIVINIUM - £5
  3. patotu

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | Gilligans Zombie Island!

    Gilligans Zombie Island! How to install? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps - Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the...
  4. matteoxxom

    Outdated recovery bo3 in multiplayer ; zombie and campaign

    I offer recovery services for black ops 3. I do not exceed the 2000 krypto and 500 liquid divinium because there are risks of banishment (so it is useless to ask). I offer these following services: In multiplayer: -3.00 € Level / Prestige -2.50 € to change your statistics -3.00 € 2000...
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    Cheapest BO3 Recovery's, Divinium and Cryptokeys

    Join my discord to purchase: Join the itsnotpro BO3 Recovery's Discord Server! Currency is USD Prices are somewhat firm but might go lower Multiplayer: Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all achievements $5.00 Max Rank - $2 Max Stats - $2 Max rank + stats $3 5k Cryptokeys- $2.00 (approx. 8-10...
  6. V

    Question BO3 LUI Mod Menu?

    Referenced in 'bo3_scriptapifunctions.htm' it was talking about lui menus. Does these functions allow to custom guis to be built, specifically I am interested in writing a mod menu, but in theory is this possible with lui menus?
  7. IPFK

    Cheap Black Ops 3 Recovery Service Level 1000,Unlock All, Cryptokeys, and Liquid Divinium

    IPFK's Black Ops 3 PC Recovery Service Multiplayer Base Pack- Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all achievements $5 2k Cryptokeys- $1 5k Cryptokeys- $3 7k Cryptokeys- $5 15k Cryptokeys- $6 20k Cryptokeys- $10 30k Cryptokeys- $15 Multiplayer Mega Pack- Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all...
  8. C

    Bo3 Recovery (PC) liquid, cryptokeys, and master prestige with trusted vouches

    Prices: Multiplayer: Prestige master+ unlock all+ Unlock all achievements-$3 2k Cryptokeys-$3 6k Cryptokeys-$4 10k Cryptokeys-$6 14k Cryptokeys-$8 20k Cryptokeys-$10 Multiplayer Deal- Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all achievements +9k cryptokeys $6 Zombies: Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all...
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    (PC)CHEAPEST AND BEST BO3 Recovery's, Cryptokeys/Liquid Divinium, MAX PRESTIGE/Multiplayer/Zombies

    Discord server:Join the Gh0st's BO3 mod services Discord Server! Join the server and read #-how-it-works for more info(NO ACCOUNT INFO IS NEEDED BTW) Why purchase from me? -We have the cheapest prices -Im always give way more stuff than you paid for - I'm almost always on so I will respond to...
  10. K

    How do i start making a bo3 zombies mod menu?

    I want to create a bo3 zombies mod menu. One that isnt loaded up through the mods folder. Where can i get help from? Ive saw some people use this to edit stats, level and liquid divinium and ive always been interested how it works
  11. Kloba

    [Selling] [PC] COD/BO3 Recovery Service

    All included for 25$ Included: -lvl 500-1000 Multiplayer (+legit stats) (lvl on demand). -lvl 500-1000 Zombies (+legit stats) (lvl on demand). -10k-15k Cryptokeys (depends on the mod itself). -10 Custom editable classes. - All Specialists Hero Gear. -All challenges 100% unlocked. (All calling...
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    Source Cheap GTA Recoveries w/ VERY LOW BAN % GUARANTEE [SALE THRU 3/1]

    Hey There :handwaving: We currently have a sale going on thru 3/1 for GTA Recoveries, Prices and Info are as follows: Silver [Level 1 - 500] [$0 - $300M] [Unlock ALL] $5 $3.75 Gold [Level 1 - 700] [$0 - $600M] [Unlock ALL] $7.50 $5.50 Diamond [Level 1 - 8000] [$0 - $1B] [Unlock ALL] $10 $7.50...
  13. Khalinka327

    Question "Fastfile error" using custom maps (Cracked)

    Hi, i was trying to play some custom maps in my BO3 fit girl repack (zombies chronicles version but aways that i start the game Crashes and i recieve a "fastfile error" message, i tried to use the "zone fix" Program, but without success, how can i fix this? Screenshot:
  14. Childish

    Cheapest Black Ops 3 Recovery Service (270+ Members, 50+ Vouches)

    Buy via discord: Join the Childish Community Discord Server!
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    Service Fast & Safe BO3 Recoveries! [PC & PS4] 0% Chance Of Ban GUARANTEED

    NOW DOING PS4 & WWII! Join Here Welcome to Slumpp's Services About Us: Hey there, are you tired of being a low level and having to grind for your rewards? Well look no further! Slumpp's Services is a great place to have your account modded. With our very friendly active staff, we can ensure...
  16. N

    Recoverie Lobby Free [PC]

    Hello i need a Recoverie Lobby for Free [PC] Steam: Steam Community :: Tim Discord: Tim ™#6867 add me when your doing one
  17. D

    Error Gorod Krovi PC bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'

    Hey dudes help me, i tried to play the map and always show me this message "bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'"
  18. oTHmaN_HuMaiD

    [HELP] Gobblegum cheat engine hack for dlc 5 gobblegums

    I don't if everyone knows this, but there is a way using cheat engine to turn classic gobblegums into mega gobblegums (which makes it infinite megas), offline of course (use of this online will get you vac banned), but the thing is, I can't seem to use this with dlc 5 (zombie chronicles) GGs, it...
  19. E

    Discussion My game crashes when I load a map.

    When I try to load a map my game crashes