call of duty: black ops 2 scripts

  1. The Dark Side

    GSC Explode Player

    An explode player function. What else is there to say? xD Have fun! :) Credits: Me one of the first functions i made by myself. <3 goExplode(player) { if (!player isHost()) //so no one can harm the host. { if(!player.Infinite_Health == 1)//if the player has god mode, he will...
  2. CabCon

    GSC The Official "TFS" Source Code Thread by CabCon

    Hello, Today I will release my hole source for my Final Statement Menu. Feel free to use this source in any kind of way. But please don't forget I putted much work into this menu and the new array based system. Give any time credits when you will use a function or anythink of this menu. But now...
  3. FrostyLobbys

    GSC Move After Game Ends Script/Code

    Here Is A Little Easy Code To Move After The Round Ends. I Know It Is Easy Code But A Lot Wanted It So Why Not Just make it Myself Then Release. Also Do This At Your OnPlayerSpawned - self thread MoveAfterGameEnds(); MoveAfterGameEnds()// FrostyLobbys <3 // { level waittill("game_ended")...
  4. Harry

    Tutorial [NOOBS] "How to GSC"

    Welcome to my tutorial "How to GSC" In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a GSC Mod Menu (Basic) for the VERY NEW of developers. Before we start, this tutorial is for people who may have JUST brought a PS3/Xbox CFW/RGH and wanted to make a menu. What you will need (I will proved...
  5. BaDSooD

    GSC GSC Code List

    Hi CCM Comunity ! Today, I release this post for all who search to create a menu and search option ! (ZM) Total Options : 22 God Mod : Infinite Ammos : 3rd Person : Double Jump : Super Speed : Clone Me : Invisible :