call of duty black ops 3

  1. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Elite Mossy Remake Mod Menu with Unlock All, Stats and Prestige MP/SP/ZM +Download

    Hello guys :handwaving:, today I'm really proud to share this amazing remake with a lot of cool features to you guys. Preview Features As there is no multiplayer menus released I decided to throw this menu together it's basically an "Elite Mossy Remake" and tried to stick to the style, this...
  2. G

    is there a free liquid divinium hack?

    am wondering if someone can help me find a free liquid divinum hack
  3. Extort

    Preview Black Ops 3 [PC/PS4] Recovery Service, Unlock All, Any Level, Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium, FAST & CHEAP [0% BAN CHANCE]

    You can also Purchase Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium either through the Shop or in the discord! Shop (PC)...
  4. C

    Bo3 Recovery (PC) liquid, cryptokeys, and master prestige with trusted vouches

    Prices: Multiplayer: Prestige master+ unlock all+ Unlock all achievements-$3 2k Cryptokeys-$3 6k Cryptokeys-$4 10k Cryptokeys-$6 14k Cryptokeys-$8 20k Cryptokeys-$10 Multiplayer Deal- Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all achievements +9k cryptokeys $6 Zombies: Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all...
  5. BlackOpsSupport

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | MORI

    Preview Map Content Challenges (Can be done in coop too) Main Quest Side Quests Game mode selection Gun Game Custom HUD Custom weapons (BO4, BO3, MWR) Custom DeathMachine (MWR Minigun) ShangriLa Zombies models Custom PaP Camo All language support Zombies Chronicle sounds effect Custom...
  6. BlackOpsSupport

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | The Dome : Simpsons

    Preview Map Content custom textures and models custom guns 10 perks souls no perk limit "buyable ending" customs zombie boss Easter Egg Credits NSZ (natesmithzombies) Skye Harrybo21 DTZxPorter JBird632 Edek How to use it? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download No Steam - Download...
  7. D

    Error Gorod Krovi PC bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'

    Hey dudes help me, i tried to play the map and always show me this message "bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'"
  8. SenorShawn

    Answered How Do I Download Custom Maps?

    ok... i watched every single tutorial on youtube to find out how to download custom maps now here's the problem i downloaded the map i wanted to play btw its zm_mariotower i made a folder called "usermaps" i unzipped the .rar of the map dragged it into usermaps folder didnt work k so i tried...
  9. U

    Answered Do Any of These Mods Work on PS4?

    I was just wondering because I've been looking for a good zombies mod menu for ps4 for ages so I wanted to know if anyone knew some good zombies mod menus for ps4. Thanks!