1. CabCon

    Preview Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 GSC Mod Menu - First Preview

    Hello guys :hi:, today I'm really proud to present the first preview a GSC mod menu running with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! The injector and compiler is called Infinity Loader and currently under development by AgreedBog381 and another guy. :D Release ETA AgreedBog381 (28.01.18)...
  2. I

    Question SPRX Help Plez XD Rawr KKK

    so basically im making a sprx But i cant find the right dimensions for me X/Y/Width/Height im trying to find the dimensions to make my menu look like yet another engine V1 or something like that but for MW3 if anyone can help then thanks i guess okie bye
  3. T

    Request MW3 SP/Spec Ops Aimbot Wallhack

    Is anybody capable to make injectable or trainer with Aimbot wallhack to Singleplayer and Spec ops? There was one by Lovroman bat he/she got banned from MPGH...
  4. L

    Question Does anybody do Free Unlock All Service for Bo1 and MW3?

    Hay Guys Does Anyone Do free modding on PS3 MW3 and Bo1 looking for someone to Rank me Max prestige for Free heres my PSN if you can and Friend me PSN: Zz_CumGetSome_zZ
  5. God

    Release [TeknoMW3] Entity Release

    Hello CCM :kissingheart: I know i've been absent for a while, just being lazy/enjoying actually not 1337 haxing games. Anyway, here's my long overdue menu for tkenomw3 Works with version TecknoMW3 and Game Version 1.4:382 VIDEO: PIC: THESE MUST BE YOUR CONTROLS FR THE MENU TO WORK...
  6. CabCon

    Tool Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Steam 2016 Unlock All PC +Download

    Hello, today I browsed the web for a good mw3 unlock all, I just found this one and I would like to share it with you! :grinning: Features Level / Prestige Hack Stats Hack Weapons Hack (v2) Perks Hack (v2) Unlock All (v2) Use at own Risk. Remember it's a Hack and you can get a ban. Preview...
  7. GoDModZ

    Release [Update] MW3 God Engine V1.1 Beta Non host menu 1.24

    Hello CCM Community Here is My New Mod Menu God Engine V1.0 For Modern Warefare 3 Multiplayer today I will like to Release a Beta let me know if you guys fine bugs in the comment or add me on Skype @edbertantonio12 Please Subscribe To My YouTube/ iTz-GoDModZ ►Information◄ In-Game: R3 + D-Pad...
  8. Dev

    Release MW3 Public Cheater tool (Release) RGH/Jtag + Download

    Simple app for rgh Donwload:!qJgCQSJB!tH8hhLSNFqucPN6640TzoGzVs9HZEx9GMbJ0wKoEiHA Virus scan: Antivirus scan for ce5e45a8b0cf3b9a6920283827941cf1274ef9001af76afb13adebce0f7430fb at2016-08-31 04:43:02 UTC - VirusTotal Video:
  9. G

    Tutorial How to make a L33T Gamemode

    Hey Guys! I wanted to make this quick tutorial on how to make an amazing gamemode on MW3! Its pretty easy! Step 1: Go Into a Game Step 2: Pick anything but a class without an RPG or Riot Shield Step 3: Spell out "Hax" with your bullets How it should look like this Once that is done you can...
  10. The Dark Side

    Release Unbanned DEX V2 Tool by UnbannedDEX!

    This is probably one of the best tools out for MW3 atm. I wanna thank @EmzCFW For showing me. And since this wasn't on here yet, i figured why not? :smile: Have not tested all of this. I can vouch for the name changer, force host, and anti-quit. <3
  11. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Fx List

    Hey guys, here is a list of all level._effect fxs from mw3. Credits are going to Gagarin and X-Track! You can also download the lists with description, here: Download LOCKDOWN(mp_alpha) BOOTLEG(mp_bootleg) MISSION(mp_bravo) CARBON(mp_carbon) DOME(mp_dome) DOWNTURN(mp_exchange)...
  12. Venox

    Release Sprx/Sweg Engine Beta Release

    Hi CCM today a small release,i worked on it 3 weeks (Last work 2 months agoo) Thanks To 01Cedric for the addresses and for answer my Random questions "you`re ma Boi" (kappa) Video : ChangeLog Download:
  13. G

    Release 1.24 Correct Offsets

    Hey Guys, I created this thread so that members in this section could have correct working offsets. All of these have been tested and confirmed by me and xKtF. Lets try to get this thread stickied to help the community God Mode Use FF for god mode, 00 to take it off Offset: 0x0FCA41E + (0x280...
  14. Ducks

    Question Mw3 instant last [PC]

    hi i am a trickshotter who just likes to mess around sometimes and play on pc, i have yet to be able to find a tool on MPGH or really anyother site that has exactly what i need, would anybody either be able to make or link me a tool that has, UFO, 1 kill = 1450 score [ or just add 1450 score to...
  15. Wapo_chuy

    Release HwXc Menu (Non Host/SPRX)End Game,Aimbot & More

    Hi /dev_hdd0/tmp/HwXcMenu.sprx /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30838/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN SCREENSHOT I LOVE MENU PARADOX V2 AND SWEG ENGINE to open!r8dTDJwD!3k8TNND3EYfpLeTufo6EjPCKfR-h8cSB4-nIX-lxVgk scan CREDITS: NickBeHaxing , Sabotage , Bandar
  16. Lucifer

    Question Can Someone Please Help Me Make This Tool Compatible With 2.70

    Hello fellow cabcon modding members i recently just got sent this tool for mw3 eb and superman lobbies and I tried using it and it is not compatible for 2.70 ccapi could someone please help me make it compatible for 2.70 i decompiled it and i have the project file down below if you cant help me...
  17. S

    MW3 Managed SPRX Menu List

    This thread will include some sprx mod menu I have used and would like to share. Reckoning V1 Non Host Mod Menu Controls; Pre game L1 And R3 - To Open L1 And R1 - To Scroll Start - To Select Square - To Close In game Controls...
  18. xBeaTzMoDz™


    Hello CabconModding Community Today, i will release my recent Mod Menu for MW3. It's called 'Project Power'. Atm it doesn't support CCAPI cause i had many Probs with the PS3Lib. If someone can show me how to use it (yeah i looked on the example project from iMCSx) then i would do it for the...
  19. Jamesz

    Release MW3 DLC's Map Pack Download (Link Updated)

    Hello CCM, Today I am going to be releasing MW3's DLC map pack Feel free to download it! I put my time and effort into making the topic and making it easy to use. Enjoy the DLC's Packs :grinning: What's Included in the DLC Pack? (Click on names for links to Information & Screenshots)...