Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Der Eisendrache: All Secrets, Eastereggs and More


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In this Guide you can find everything you have to know about 'Der Eisendrache'.
Basics, Secrets, Eastereggs and MORE.

Turn on the power

When you arrive at the starting area by the lift, you have two doors heading to the rest of the map.
You have to pick the right-hand door, which is marked with the power icon (lightning).
After that, head to the castle and pass the castle gate (which is a zombie trap btw).
In the castle yard you have to climb up the back stairs and go then over the bridge leading to the griffin castle.
Make your way through the rooms until you reached the room with the knight's armor.
Turn left, open the door and you will see the power switch.

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Hold F and you turned on the power.

Wrath of the Ancients (Bow)
First of all I want to mention that this Bow is not used as a specialist weapon like in the multiplayer, but it's used as a primary weapon.
To unlock the bow, you have to feed three dragons around the map.
They are working the same like the dogs in 'Mob of the dead' in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
By killing zombies in front of the dragons, the dragon will start to eat them, but he can only eat one zombie at the same time. So for the best efficency you have to wait killing the zombies in front of him until he ate up.
The dragon needs a total of eight souls (zombies) to be replete.
Repeat this with the other two dragons and the bow will be unlocked.

After completing this step you can take the bow from a place in the chapel. You will see a knight lying on an altar and behind that you can see the Wrath of the Ancients.

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Left green dot: At the end of the 'Discovery Room'
Right green dot: At the end of the castle yard
Red dot: Near the pyramid in the underground section
Blue dot: The chapel, where you can take the bow (when you walk up the stairs near the pyramid)

Zombie Shield
To build the zombie shield you have to collect three parts.
Each part is located all over the map in different areas.
The part spawns randomly in one of three locations, but always in their main area.

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The tank is located in the right courtyard.
The iron eagle can be found in the upper (left) courtyard.
The last part, the bulletproof glass spawns in the underground section. To grab it, you need the anti-gravity mode to be activated. Now you are able to wallrun and take the part of the wall.

As you are already down in the underground section you can build the shield on a workbench next to the pyramid, but you can craft the shield on every other workbench, too.

Ragnarok DG-4 (Gravity Spikes)
Like in the multiplayer the Ragnarok DG-4 is a specialist weapon.
It has two different types of attacks.
The first attack is when you smash the spikes on the ground what cause an electric blast wave that kills every nearby zombie. The second attack is when you place the ragnarok down on the ground and it stays there working like an electric trap.
You are only able to use the spikes a certain amount of times. But you can refill that amount by killing zombies. A MaxAmmo PowerUp won't work.

You will get the first part by killing the very first panzer soldier. When he dies, he drops a part and you pick it up by just walking over it. This happens normally about round 10 to 12.

The second part can be found where the death-ray trap is. To get it you have to activate this trap and look up around the sky. Once the trap has finished a tiny part should appear in the sky. To grap it you have to use one of the three launch pads around the map. To use them make sure the appropriate launch target is linked to the pad.

The third and last part is located in the rocket testing area. To get it you have to wait until the rocket starts to make a test fire. Then a switch under the rocket will be available. Activate it and run back to the teleporter where you came from as fast as possible. Don't teleport back! Survive in this small area until the test has finished and the three lightbulbs next to the teleporter turned green. Use the switch there and in the the teleporter should appear the last part.

Once you received all parts, go for the next workbench and craft your personal 'Ragnarok DG-4'.

The new big difference on this map for Pack-A-Punch is that it has three different locations.
To finally use the Pack-A-Punch you have to some steps.
First of all the power must be turned on.
Then you have to search for the three locations, because at the beginning of the map at each location is placed one third of the Pack-A-Punch machine. So you have to teleport these parts together to one spot. Once that done the Pack-A-Punch will teleport to a random location and is ready to use. After a certain amount of uses the machine will teleport to another location and so on.

The first location is at the underground section near the pyramid, the second spot is at the rocket testing area and the last in the middle of the map where the death-ray trap is.

Next to each Pack-A-Punch machine a sign is placed where you can see at which location the machine currently is.

Dead Again (Teddy Bears Musical Easteregg)
To activate the song 'Dead Again' by Elena Siegman, you have to find three teddy bears all over the map.

One teddy bear is sitting in a truck at the rocket testing area. The next is in the jail near the starting area and the last is in Samatha's room sitting on a chair.

The teddy bears are uncommon big and if activated you hear a sound so you can't miss them.

Requiem Aeternam: Sequentina-Dies Irae (Gramophone Musical Easteregg)
To activate the music Requiem Aeternam: Sequentina-Dies Irae, you have to find three gramophones all over the map.

The first gramo is in Samantha's bedroom next to her mirror. The next is located in the control room and the last is at the end of the stairs heading down to the pyramid in the underground section.

If activated you hear a like a record scratch.

Samantha's Lullaby (Music Box Musical Easteregg)
This one is very easy.
In Smantha's room, where we already found the teddy bear and the gramophone for the other musical eatsereggs, there is also a tiny music box standing on her night table next to the bed.
Simply activate it and the music starts playing and the litte figur in the box starts spinning.
That's it.

Disco Ball Musical Easteregg
This Easteregg takes place in the control room.
A big globe (earth) is hanging in the middle of this room and another smaller globe (moon) is surrounding it. You can also see a tiny rocket flying there, too.
To activate the disco you have to shoot the moon globe when the earth, rocket and moon are in one line to each other.
After that the room starts to get funky and your hear disco music. But you can only hear the music when you are in the control room and not anywhere on the map.

You are able to repeat this easteregg as often as you want after the lights and the music stopped just shoot the moon in the right place again.

Skeleton Horde
For this you need the Wrath of the Ancients (bow).

With the bow you have to shoot three spots.

The first is at the place where mule kick is, too.
-- screenshot coming --

The second is near double tap root beer is.
-- screenshot coming --

And the last is at the middle window of the control room where you can see a dragon head on it.
-- screenshot coming --

If you shot it correctly you will hear a dragon noise each time.
Whe you have done everything right, three skulls should appear on a chair in the control room.
Now every new spawned zombie looks like a skeleton.

To spawn zombies again, you have to interact with the three skulls on the chair.

Credits are going to °Phil°.