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Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Trainer (+17) [1.0-1.9.461] PC Steam


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This post provides information about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Trainer +17" by hex, which offers various cheats and enhancements for the game.



  • [NumPad 0] - Invulnerability
    - Infinite health, falls from great heights are safe, grenade explosions do no damage.
  • [NumPad 1] - Infinite stamina
  • [NumPad 2] - Infinite ammo
    - The current amount of ammo does not decrease.
  • [NumPad 3] - No reload
    - The current number of rounds in the clip does not decrease.
  • [NumPad 4] - Infinite frag grenades
    - The current number of Frag Grenades does not decrease.
  • [NumPad 5] - Infinite special grenades
    - The current number of Special Grenades does not decrease.
  • [NumPad 6] - Invisibility
    - Enemies will not notice you.
  • [NumPad 7] - Low enemies health
    - One shot is enough to kill any enemy.
  • [NumPad 8] - No recoil
  • [NumPad 9] - Maximum accuracy
  • [NumPad +] - Rapid fire
  • [NumPad -] - Infinite Claymore mines
    - The current number of Claymore Mines does not decrease.
  • [NumPad *] - Infinite C4
    - The current amount of C4 does not decrease.
  • [NumPad /] - No optical sight sway
  • [NumPad .] - No clip mode
    - To control the character, use the standard movement keys. It is recommended to use this together with the "Invulnerability" function.
  • [Page Up] - Fast movement speed
    - The default movement speed is set to 3.25. If you want to change this value, click on the circle with an arrow inside when it turns blue.
  • [Page Down] - High jump
    - The default jump height is set to 175.25. If you want to change this value, click on the circle with an arrow inside when it turns blue.
  • [Ctrl + Delete] - Disable all

How to Install?​

Launch the game first, then run the trainer as an administrator or vice versa. Performance tested on Steam-licensed and pirated versions of the game, update 1.0-1.9.461.


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Information About Logs​

The trainer logs events during its operation. If you encounter any problems with activation, functionality, or if the game crashes, you can contact me and send your `CODMW3_Trainer.log` file. By default, it is located at: `C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\PlayGround.ru\hex\Trainers\CODMW3_Trainer`.

Feature Notes​

If you don't have a NumPad or don't want to use the trainer's hotkeys, you can activate any feature by left-clicking on the hotkey's name once.