• The Definitive Guide To MW3 Hacks, Mods and Cheats In 2019!

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The Definitive Guide To Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hacks, Mods and Cheats In 2019


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This is the ultimate guide to MW3 Hacks, Mod Menus and Cheats in 2019.
Here you can find an overview of all available
  • Hacks
  • Trainers
  • Mods
  • Cheats

Which hack we recommend and how hacking in 2019 in Call of Duty: MW3 works.

So if you’re looking to up your Hacking game this year, you’ll love this guide.

  1. Hacks
  2. Trainers
  3. Mods
  4. Cheats

CHAPTER 1  MW3 Hacks

There are a few Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hacks available. You can find free and paid hacks for it. Below there is a great overview about which ones are currently available and which one we recommend.


  • Aimbot On / Off
  • Aim Key
  • Aim Mode (Distance or FoV)
  • Auto Shoot
  • Auto Wall Off / Simulated / Non Simulated
  • Prediction
  • Head Only
  • Anti Riot (shoots feet)
  • Anti Anti Aim
  • Team Killer
  • Auto Knife


  • ESP On / Off
  • Full ESP Choice of Color (Thousands of Colors!)
  • Enemy ESP
  • Friendly ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Boxed Name ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Explosive ESP
  • Devices ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Radar
  • Following Drawings for ESP - Cornered, Cornered Filled, 2D, 2D Filled, 3D, Lilli's Boxes
  • Compass Arrows
  • Compass Radius
  • Snap Lines (Following Options: Top Center, At Crosshair, Base Center)
  • Bright Colors


  • Chams On / Off
  • Chams (Following Options: Axis, Allies, Weapons)
  • Wireframe
  • Choose each color for each option from the thousands of colors we offer!
  • Custom Texture
  • No Sky
  • No Hands
  • No Weapon
  • Glass
  • Axis Non-Visible / Axis Visible Chams
  • Allies Non-Visible / Allies Visible Chams
  • Weapons Non-Visible / Weapons Visible Chams
  • Added Trippy Map


  • RGB Smoke
  • FoV Changer Slider
  • Full Bright
  • Gun X, Y, Z slider
  • Kill Spam (New! Updated)
  • Custom Kill Spam
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Silent Aim
  • Inverse Troller
  • Laser
  • Kill Sounds
  • Third Person
  • AFK Mode
  • Anti Aim (Following Options: Rotated, Protected)
  • Rainbow Mode
  • Crosshair Mode (Following Options: Normal, Lilli's Crosshair)
  • Show Info
  • Draw Clock
  • Name Stealer
  • Added Weapon Sway

Console Features

  • Crash Game (Crashes Everyone in your Lobby)
  • Anti Crash Game (Automatically Functions)
  • Derank Players (New!)
  • Unlock All for Players (New!)
  • Restart Map
  • Set Score Limit
  • Fake Name
  • Set your XP Value
  • Set your Prestige
  • Set your Prestige Tokens
  • Gold Guns
  • Disconnect (If someone activates Anti Leave you can leave by disconnecting)
  • Quit Game

Host Features

  • Force Host
  • Derank Players
  • Unlock All for Players
  • God Mode
  • Anti End Game
  • Host Auto Wall
  • Massive Kill
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Anti Leave (Updated!)
  • One Hit Kill
  • Rapid Fire
  • Noclip
  • Speed
  • No Killcam
  • Edit Max Players
  • Teleport (Following Options: Over your Head, to your Crosshair)
  • High Jump
  • Visions
  • Seconds Between Visions
  • Clap Everyones Hands
  • Sesh Bomb
  • Glitch Guns
  • Hear Everyone


  • Force Class
  • Switch Team (Swap Teams, Kill your Old Team)
  • Force Jug (Spawn as a Juggernaut)
  • Go Spectator
  • End Game

Menu Options

  • Mouse Menu
  • Loading Config
  • Save Config
  • Capable of Adjusting Size (Following Options: Menu, Console, Radar)
  • Capable of Changing Fonts (Following Options: MW3, Tahoma)
  • Capable of Changing your Background Picture
  • Change Menu Theme (Following Options: Light Blue, Light Red, Light Green, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green, Aesir, Maya)




Bitcoin Cash



Amazon Gift Cards ($5.00 Extra Fee)

Steam Cards ($5.00 Extra Fee)

CSGO Skins ($7.00 Extra Fee)

Pay Safe Cards


VAC - Secured

What we like

Super many cool options

Fair Cheap Price

Amazing support

Works with Teckno as well





Completely Free

Safe to use

What we like

It's free

Works quite well

Enough options to have fun

CHAPTER 2  MW3 Trainers

We are not optimized for Trainers yet. But we do recommend
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! You can find a collection of Save Games, Trainers there.

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You can find a everything related to mods for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in our Mods section. Just click here.

However for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there is no public tool to use or create mods. It's still in development and just a few people have access to it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Loader
MW3 GSC Tool (not released yet)

More information here.

  • Which games are supported?
    • MW3, Ghosts, AW, IW, and WW2.
  • Which systems are supported?
    • PC, XBOX,and PS3.
  • How big can the menu be?
    • You can inject up to an average of 800+kb mod menus.
  • Does it support Teknogods?

However some people created mod menus for MW3 with the tool.

Here are some previews

CHAPTER 4  MW3 Cheats

There are a few Cheat Codes for Call of Duty MW3 on the Wii. You can check them out below.

Giant Letters
Put this codes at profile at Multiplayer (
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[{+gas}]Giant B/Z
[{+smoke]}Giant L/-
[{+frag}]Giant R/+
[{+melee}]Giant X/Down
[{+reload}]Giant Y/shake Nunchuk

Username Color
Change your username's color (
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When you are writing your name press the "shift" key,next the "^" and then any number from 1 to 0, the symbol you wrote before will be erased and anything you write after doing this will be in different color depending of the number. To change the color you just have to repeat the first step.

Font color is now Black"Shift","^","0"
Font color is now Blue"Shift","^","4"
Font color is now Dark Blue"Shift","^","5"
Font color is now Dark Grey"Shift","^","9"
Font color is now Green"Shift","^","2"
Font color is now Grey"Shift","^","8"
Font color is now Orange"Shift","^","7"
Font color is now Pink"Shift","^","6"
Font color is now Red"Shift","^","1"
Font color is now Yellow"Shift","^","3"

Now It’s Your Turn

Now I want to turn it over to you: Which of the hacks from today’s guide are you going to try first?

Let me know by leaving a quick reply below right now.

And don't forget: Happy Modding!
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