Release DeathKor v0.76 Bo2 Rgh mod menu(Public Version)


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DeathKor V0.76 Public Beta Build
Menu is currently in beta and may have issues please use wisely.
Menu has not been tested for long term use while in online matches.

this is my first menu that was publicly released.
I do not intend to make this a regular thing due to the age of the xbox 360.

Some options have been disabled to improve stability.

Please note:
I was originally not going to post this menu due to it being used on an offline rgh system.
But my friend talked me into it.

This is part of a little project I am doing on my own to create a mod menu for every game on my rgh system
All menus will be built for offline(Local MP) versions of the games.
Online stability is not required for my use case so crashes may occur.

menu base is by torq
Functions are from the forums on Forum list
Thanks to you all for the functions and more!

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