Release Jiggy 4.4 (NOT MADE BY ME)


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This is Jiggy 4.4 NOT MADE BY ME!!

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Also Go check JiggyMods out (The Creator of the menu) Ig-Jiggymods


Picture Proof

Description-This is a mod menu that can give you god mode, unlimited ammo, UFO mode, and can make you have a lot of fun in the game this menu is for Bo2 PS3 and Xbox 360 Only it does not work for PC Trust me i tried but this is basically "The Best Mod Menu Ever" as some People call it i could have some new updates in the future and just to be clear all credit for making this mod menu goes to jiggymods go follow him on Instagram if you want but all credit goes to him or her but just know that this is a very fun menu and it was not made by me.

Thanks For checking out this Dank Thread.


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