black ops 3 gsc

  1. R

    bo3 injection code

    i was wondering If anybody has a simple injection code that injects a dll i have a loader for cheats i just want to see if it works and i dont have bo3 injection code
  2. uwu11jr

    Question i havent seen any i was wondering if there were any offhost pc menus?

    would be nice if there was one with features such as no recoil and esp. mxt tool works but crashes for me sometimes
  3. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Elite Mossy Remake Mod Menu with Unlock All, Stats and Prestige MP/SP/ZM +Download

    Hello guys :handwaving:, today I'm really proud to share this amazing remake with a lot of cool features to you guys. Preview Features As there is no multiplayer menus released I decided to throw this menu together it's basically an "Elite Mossy Remake" and tried to stick to the style, this...
  4. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mouse Cursor GSC Mod Menu + From where?

    Today I found this source in my download folder from 2017: Best regards, CabCon.
  5. T

    Answered How do I display the weapon strings in a mod menu? Black Ops 3 GSC Script

    So I have been trying (and failing) to get this menu I'm making to list the weapons automatically via an array. Problem is, the weapon name is blank in the menu but if I click the option it will still give the weapon. Below is what my script looks like right now. standard =...
  6. vampytwist

    Release [W.I.P] Sharks Zombieland

    Known bugs/Issues: (if you happen to find any please reply on the thread and let me know) - Starting weapons aren't given correctly - Need to find correct models or better models instead of custom care packages from mw2 and clip em Credits: Hawkin - Ideas LightModzz - Ideas ItsLollo1000 -...
  7. R

    Answered Setting text to a hud element without using SetText()?

    Right now i'm having a problem using SetText(), in a loop anyways it crashes after 25 - 30 minutes of game time. The error: BG_Cache_GetIndexInternal - Exceeded '2048' items for type 'string' Does NewHudElem have a text property I can use? .text doesn't work.
  8. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Mod Menu "EnCoReV14" by CabCon | First Version + Download

    Hello guys, today I want to share you my next Black Ops 3 GSC Mod Menu Project. It's called EnCoReV14 which will be much bigger than any of my previous Black Ops 3 Mod Menus. This is the first preview of the mod menu, updates will come. Feel free to give feedback below! Happy Modding! Preview...
  9. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 3 GSC Weapon Names with Game Name - List

    Hello everyone, today I will share this Black Ops 3 Weapon list with you. It shows you which weapon ingame got which 'GSC'-entity name. I hope it helps a few people. :) Happy modding! Primary Submachine Guns Kuda : smg_standard VMP : smg_versatile Weevil : smg_capacity Vesper : smg_fastfire...
  10. CabCon

    Tutorial Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download

    UPDATED TUTORIAL: Tutorial - Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download | CabConModding Hello guys, in this tutorial I want to assist every old GSC coder from a older Call of Duty. I will show you here how to make a mod which will call a function on any...
  11. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Mod Menu "The Final Statement" by CabCon +Download

    Hello everyone, today I will release my first Black Ops 3 Mod Menu to the public! :grinning: It is the first playable alpha version of this menu, so there are several bugs which I will fix by time! :grinning: Be sure to report any big bugs or problems! Have fun! Download Alpha V1...
  12. CabCon

    Preview Black Ops 3 Multiplayer GSC Mod Menu by CabCon | First Preview

    Hello everyone, today I'm very proud to present you my first hours of work with the new bo3 tools! :grinning: I will release the menu very soon and also a zombie version. :grinning: I hope you like this first preview! Also if you need any help with the installation or the startup in Black Ops 3...
  13. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 3 GSC Managed Code List

    Hello, this will be continue when the Mod Tools are available. You will find here anything you need to develop a Bo3 Mod. God Mode Unlimited Ammo Ufo Mode Third Person Multiplayer Aimbot Magicbullet Give Weapon Give Random Weapon Give Random Camo to current Weapon Toggle...