1. N

    Question Annoying Error

    Hello, I have this annoying error that appears when i try to load custom maps that need T4M, The game crashes in the loading screen and then the console opens with a message that says "Unhandled Exception Caught", And this has been happening with every custom map that needs T4M, So, Does anybody...
  2. M

    Error loading fastfile (where can i find game updates for the cracked game?)

    this happened with the last 5 mods and custom maps i downloaded, i tried Zonefix, but it didn't work, is there any place where i can find new updates for the game? i got a 2017 version of the game, any place where i can find a current cracked version that works?
  3. D

    Error Gorod Krovi PC bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'

    Hey dudes help me, i tried to play the map and always show me this message "bg_cache_GetIndexInternal-exceeded '128' items for type 'rumble'"
  4. Pyrex BLJ

    Tutorial (sprx) Fix - error generating PRX (prx-fixup failed), and similar errors.

    This Should Fix your SPRX Menus for any game having this problem. What I've found the last few times this error happened to me was that the problem is the built in sqrt() function in c++ so to fix it, we don't use it. add this function into your menu and use this instead: (btw thx for...
  5. blakkboy

    Question Black Ops II Sound Studio v1.5.2 by master131

    Hey there community, I've searched a few hours now for a working link of the tool "Black Ops II Sound Studio v1.5.2 by master131" but I can't find any site to download it from. The problem is that I can't register on the *tsMods website, because they have the reCAPTCHA V1 and that thing is...
  6. dhjsu

    Question Error gsc studio!

    Soo i used the gsc studio about 2 days and then i closed the gsc studio and i tried to reconnect to the Redacted version of Bo2 and gave me this error, it says,"an unhandled exception occurred in the application.If u click in continue,the application ill ignore..."and i saw other peopel with the...
  7. Botan MoDz

    Question Help Me Error "G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (2090) 'mp_hud_signal_failure' "

    Hello , I have a problem with my GSC. When I inject my mode menu i have this error : I have only this error if I start the game with this map's : Aftermath , Express , Meltdown , Overflow , Plaza , Raid , Slums , Yemen Other map's he working , I can launch the map's and test my menu with...
  8. L

    Answered ERROR CODE 'fr_mp_mod' (Mod Menu BO3)

    Hello, I have a problem with the mod menu (BO3 Multiplayer). When I select the mod and go to Multiplayer, an error code will appear: "ERROR: Cloud not find zone 'fr_mp_mod'". Thank you for helping me and I wish you a good day:grinning:. (I am French, so sorry for my bad English)
  9. S

    Question Error: Black ops 3 stopped working

    The custom maps of black ops 3 with name numbers, close my black ops 3 what do I have to do to solve this error?
  10. R

    Question Can't find fastfile after compiling a mod for Black Ops 3

    Ever when I start the mod and click on something like multiplayer or bonus cames this error in the bo3 console and I dont know why: Error: Could not find material "mc/hud_outline_model_z_orange_alpha". Error: Could not find material "mc/hud_outline_model_z_white_alpha". Error: Could not find...
  11. WillModZ

    Answered How to fix error 80040154?

    hey guys anyone know how to fix error 80040154? i Cant connect to my RGH Tools even though i have my RGH on with Neighborhood.
  12. The Dark Side

    Answered How Do I Get This Annoying Text To Go Away?

    If anyone knows please tell me! IMG 2537 —
  13. Richi987

    Answered Getting Error when loading Standoff

    Hi CCM :) Well when I want to play with my gsc on Standoff I'm getting this error "Could not allocate asset-increase XASSET_ENTRY_POOL_SIZE" Anybody knows what is this and a way to fix it? Thanks ;)
  14. P


    Well here i will help you solve the problem that doesn't let you load a map and gives the error could not read fastfile for zm_... 1-It is simple , first go to the folder where you have installed black ops 3 2-Select usermaps ( it is the folder with all your custom maps) 3-Now select...
  15. D

    Answered I need help with playing custom maps on a cracked version of Black Ops 3 (Problem Solved)

    Hello there, I was trying to install a custom map (kyassuruz) but looking at the installation guide told me to put the map in a folder called usermaps in the root directory of black ops 3. I created a folder and named it usermaps and put the custom map in there, then i loaded up black ops 3 and...
  16. R

    Help with mw2 rust pls

    Whats up guys i need the download for rust map on mw2 it didnt download with the game for some reason please help
  17. CabCon

    Tutorial Black Ops 3 Mod Crash Fix for "could not find zone: ***_zm_mod"

    This is a thread about the error: could not find zone: ***_zm_mod This is a thread about the error: could not find zone: ***_mp_mod There are 2 methods to fix this problem. Rename one file inside the mod. Install the game in english. 1. Method (recommend) Go into the your downloaded mod...
  18. Yienz

    Answered Black Ops 2 - GSC Stuido "Connect To Redacted" - Unhandled Errors.

    Im so sick of this problem. I need some help here please. Every Time I open GSC Studio and try to connect to Redacted Progress. it cause unhandled error. I was looking for fix in google but so far I couldn't find same problem I have. Please Help. I Downloaded This App from...