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Nova Six is a mod created by Dr. LilRobot with lots of help from the UGX community.


The outbreak in the Pentagon has begun, and you find yourself surrounded. Dr. Schroader speaks out, and claims he can help you. Will you free him, or will you try your luck against the undead horde?

Main features of Nova Six include: Fully-functioning Gobblegum machine, an array of weapons from Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Black Ops 3, a brand new Wonder Weapon, an updated Wunderwaffe with models from The Giant, a whole new dog-styled enemy with its own round, a full easter egg quest and a new enemy with his own voice, and some small game fixes, such as Double Tap II.

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  • LilRobot (obv)
  • lilrifa (wall power!, also gave me the kuda port)
  • hitmanvere (general advice/assistance, helped me animate gum machine)
  • jbird632 (helped me fix Stock Option and Alchemical Antithesis. int conversion, really? why didn't i think of that?!)
  • tom (made lemon and lime, as well as xanimconverter tools)
  • sal (really cool guy, made the hud element graphics)
  • zeroy (awesome guy who put up a VERY useful function directory
  • sparkymcsparks (helped me with pre-rendered cutscene display)
  • diduknowipwn (misc assistance with fixing scripts/code)
  • stachekip (voice acting the enemy Panzer Soldat)
  • chromastone10 (animated the gum eating animation)
  • fissionmetroid101 (created the gum popping model & animation)
  • treyarch! (making black ops 1, black ops 3 weapons, black ops 2 anims, black ops 3 gobblegum machine...))
  • infinity ward (mw3 weapons, ghosts weapons. pretty cool weapons, i like them a lot)
  • valve (drone models and animations, m9 bayonet)
  • sledgehammer games (boss fight music, inspiration for the boss fight)