call of duty: black ops 2 scripts

  1. Harry

    Release [GSC/Source] Martyrdom + Force Prone [Players Functions]

    Here's some BO2 GSC Functions I re-made in a couple of minutes from other games. Not hard, and I haven't seen them posted before, so Merry Early Christmas. Martyrdom - Makes an explosion when you die. Call like: ::Martyrdom, player); //on a player ::Martyrdom, self); //on yourself...
  2. CF4_99

    Release (ZM) Editing The Mystery Box Price/Hiding It

    Hello Everyone, today I have another release, and it is 2 things, 1. Changing The Price Of The Mystery Box To Whatever You Want. 2. Hiding/Taking Away The Mystery Box I have been trying to find a way to change the price of the Mystery Box for a while and finally found it, I also stumbled across...
  3. CF4_99

    Release Respawning Dead Players

    Hello everyone, today I am releasing something I have been trying to get working for a while now, and finally got it. It can respawn dead players. this has been tested many times, and can be used as an All Player function or just for one person. Make sure to use this #include: #include...
  4. S

    Preview Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 GSC Script Vault

    Got bored so decided to create this, at the moment I am still adding a lot of stuff to it and am wanting to hear from you guys what you want/think should be added. please comment ideas below. when I am finished I will release source incase anyone wants to learn from it etc etc etc What I Will...
  5. DF_AUS

    GSC Cinematic Mod Menu preview

    Hello CCM :grinning: I started working on this menu months back and only recently started working on it again,it has very simple visuals,i dislike big menus :y: Not sure if i will release it when complete,if i have time to make some cool stuff maybe i will release,maybe not,will see: #Update...
  6. P!X

    GSC Steal This Patch Menu Base Remake

    I wanted to do a Remake of the whole patch but after finishing the menu base i lost all motivation xD Screenshot: Credits: xePixTvx CraigChrist8239 for the Design dtx12, jwm614, and xTurntUpLobbies for the Overflow Fix Its not tested on console and i dont know about the stability :coldsweat:
  7. ZoneAye

    Outdated Black Ops 2 Offhost Menu Base Release

    This menu base was made by me please use it to make something awesome it has no stolen or leaked code aka no xecheats in it i don't care if you give me credit or not. This source is very clean and very easy to understand if you don't know C or C++ or a little bit of PPC please don't try this I...
  8. azumamodz

    GSC new modded gun dragon gun , rcxd gun , exploder gun by JMST34

    Dragon Gun Rcxd Gun Exploder initdragongun() { if( self.israygun == 0 ) { self initgiveweap( "m32_mp", "", 5, 0 ); self thread dodragongun(); self iprintln( "^5ON" ); self thread optioncalledmesage( "Dragon Gun", 1, "by ^5JMST34", ( 1, 0, 0 ), 8 )...
  9. VerTical

    Release Menu Base Speedo

    :vertical: Speedo :vertical: :vertical: Video :vertical: New Source GitHub
  10. DF_AUS

    Release Public GSC Decompiler

    Seen this on a variety of other modding sites,since it's a free public download decided to share here on CCM,enjoy :) From the original developer: Alright, now to the release. This tool will allow you to decompile most GSC Menus, gamemodes, and projects to have a somewhat accurate source. It is...
  11. ThomasModdeur

    Tool Some coding to get you started in tool creation! BO2 1.19

    We start with the basics: //CONNECT try { PS3.ConnectTarget(0); PS3.CCAPI.Notify(CCAPI.NotifyIcon.INFO, "Successfully Connected To PS3"); } catch { PS3.CCAPI.Notify(CCAPI.NotifyIcon.INFO, "Failed To...
  12. Mr Knife God

    GSC 2 new invisibility modes

    I present to you guys 2 new invisibility functions. This one is for when you shoot any weapon, you become visible, and after a few seconds, you go invisible again. So the idea of this is that you know when you kill someone and before they see their death cam they can see you passing over their...
  13. DF_AUS

    GSC SeriousHD VS LowKeyDNS

    GREETINGS CABCONMODDING COMMUNITY. To start with,as you are aware,entries for the Black Ops 2 edited base competition was originally closing on the 20/12/2016,however,over the past few weeks i personally had a few members pull out for personal reasons which was extremely disappointing as some...
  14. God

    GSC isSprinting() + How To Get Your Speed

    Hello CCM :kissingheart: So just a few minutes ago i needed a check to see if i'm sprinting and I couldn't find one, so I wrote one real quick. If there is a function like this already inside the gsc... well... you can learn something from this lol Anyway, here it is isSprinting() {...
  15. Z

    GSC Halo 3 Fat kid clone.

    While adding gametypes to my menu, I ended up wanting to make a gamemode like infection from halo. I specifically made this one to mimic Fat Kid, but the settings can easily be changed to fit whatever gametype you want. I figured I would post this here to see as many people having fun as...
  16. S

    GSC Rupture Project + Source Release

    Hey CabConModding! i release my old unfinished zombies project source i didnt to much to it. i used Source Engine menu base for the project. before gsc i did c++ , C# and c projects but decided to give this a try. now im not bothered with gsc anymore ... Credits : SeriousHD Loz xTul CabCon
  17. MTXRGU

    Release Zombie ELEVATOR Release CODE

    Hello guys, IH-MTXRGU here. Today I want to release a very old function for the Tranzit Zombie Maps. Its made by Cabcon, StonedYoda and me :smile: Feel free to use it but please give credits to us :heart:
  18. DERUTA

    Release Black Ops II ZOMBIELAND V2.5 By : DERUTA

    Hello:wink: long time no see I try to publish my today new ZOMBIELAND:kissingheart: Enjoy:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:                                             Downloads: ZombieLand v2.5...
  19. L

    Preview UI5 Menu Base Preview

    Hello everyone, I am LowKeyDNS and I have been working on a new menu base for the menu base competition. I am no where near done yet, but I would like some feedback on what I have so far and would like to know if you all like the design? I am working on fixing the medals getting in the way of...
  20. Rezhified

    Black Ops 2 Mikeeeyy`s COD 4 Menu Base Ported To Black Ops 2 By Rezhified And Extinct

    /* * Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio by iMCSx * * Creator : Rezhified/Extinct * Project : menu base port * Mode : Multiplayer * Date : 2016/12/05 - 20:04:55 * */ #include maps\mp\_utility; #include common_scripts\utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include...