call of duty: black ops 2 scripts

  1. VerTical

    Release Basic Menu Base

    Basic Menu Base Hello, CCM Today I Share the Shark Base version with only a few small changes :) All Credits go to Creator! features: Clean Base Add Shader Menu Simple Access Menu Images: Credits: Taylor dtx12 CraigChrist jwm614 xTurntUpLobbies Shark YouViolateMe VerTical Thanks for...
  2. flow

    Release Docs Ultimate Superman Base

    Alright so i have actually recreated the base from the help of some friends we decompiled the menu and we took the functions out and we fixed up the base so it will work and i wanted to release it because it should be free :grinning: :heart: creds to fudgecfw :tonguewink: :heart:
  3. VerTical

    Tutorial How To make ShaderOptions

    S H I T :vertical:
  4. MossyWave


    Edited Version: This is a remake base of EnCoReV13 menu from Black Ops 3 by Cabcon some of the things in the menu were changed to my liking such as the menu opening effects and the position of the text and the scrollbar. ➤ Created By MossyWave ➤ Theme Color Changer With Many Colors ➤ Infinite...
  5. OwenCroft

    Exotic Zombie ModMenu Base

    Base Created By ExoticSatan Base Converted To Zombies And Edited By TypicalModder Download: ExoticSatan TypicalModder Menu Base Subscribe To My Channel :P TypicalModder - YouTube
  6. Harry

    GSC Better Freeze Enemies Consoles (No Time Outs)

    I released a script in Profound v2 that froze the whole enemy teams consoles, but the result was that you got timed out (because they all began 1 baring and it migrated you) When you got timed out, you would have to restart the game to force host again... Well, made it a little bit simpler, and...
  7. DF_AUS

    GSC Black Ops 2 Map Models

    Hello Ccm community. I am aware there are threads floating around in the scene containing models,but i decided to make a thread containing each map models,rather than a small variety,currently there is 14 maps in the download with models,there are no Dlc maps nor Yemen at the moment,i will add...
  8. DF_AUS

    GSC Black Ops 2 Edited/Port Base Thread

    Hello CCM community,with CabCons approval i took into consideration with making 1 large thread containing several decent Bo2 edited and ported bases for those seeking a new base,rather looking over a variety of different threads. Each edited base/spoiler will contain: # Credits list # Download...
  9. DF_AUS

    Release Black Ops II Zombieland By CoolJay [Update 1.4] [Drone]

    Cooljay has given myself permission to release his Zombieland on CCM,enjoy. Welcome to my gamemode fellow modders. This gamemode is a take off "Shark's Original Zombieland" which is known by many, this project is my envisionment on that gamemode having recoded the entirety of it. Different...
  10. OwenCroft

    [BO2/1.19] ModMenu Base

    NOTE: I DID NOT MAKE THIS BASE I AM JUST SIMPLY SHARING WHAT I HAVE FOUND. Subscribe to my YT just started it :grinning: : TypicalModder - YouTube
  11. T

    GSC Advanced Co-Host List

    So I figured why the hell not the GSC community seems to be dying out a lot and I hate jiggy code and the one posted here already is ehh So here is the one I have Put this anywhere in your gsc's (Remember to change the bottom functions to match yours or you will get script errors)...
  12. S

    Release SnipeGamingYT Mod menu script GSC

    -sniped by cabcon Use the [CODE]tag to post codes, also if you go to release something check our release rules again: Forum Rules | CabConModding Release Sections Your Post MUST include a Preview in kind of a Video or Screenshot, both recommed, no matter what kind of content it is. Your Post...
  13. A

    GSC An Edit of VerTiCal's Menubase

    Hi Guys i am releasing a base which i edited for better look. Credits goes to VerTiCal for original base. Picture: Bugs: Features: Download:
  14. iTahhr

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Bossam v7 GSC Menu Source +Download

    Thanks To MossyWave For The Menu Base :kissingheart: Bossam v7 Full Source Download For Free. Enjoy :tearsofjoy: Download MEGA
  15. ExoticSatan

    GSC GSC Menu Base Made By ExoticSatan (Me)

    BO2 GSC Menu Base Made By ExoticSatan (ME) Have Fun Enjoy Making A Mod Menu
  16. P

    GSC Function Ideas to create??

    Hello guys so as many of you may know I am making a menu, I am looking for new function ides so I can create them, if your idea is good I will defiantly create the function for black ops 2 :) thanks.
  17. JayCoder

    GSC Slim Menu Base Converted to Bo2 + Release

    Updated Fixed Scrolling Menu Base Converted From Cod4 Enjoy Have Fun, or What Ever
  18. Deltabot

    GSC Nay's GSC Menu Base Ported.

    Here is Nay's COD4 Menu Base Ported. Feel free to leave menu ports as requests. Preview Thanks. [C#] Nay's Menu Base Ported - Leave credit for Nay please.
  19. JayCoder

    Release PingPong + Source

    PingPong Release Enjoy +Derp Credits: JayCoder, AgreedBog381
  20. JayCoder

    Release AIO Re-Constructed

    This base is unfinished and will not be released for another hour or 2 depends on how things go but the progress is going great! if u like make sure to say so if u want more menu with infinite scroller just say xD i'll reconstruct some and fix some up with it lol xD :heart: Credits...