Release COD: World At War - Elasticity v1 Mod Menu Converted to PS3 + Download


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Hello everyone,
today I want to share this awesome menu with you! It's created by Agreedbog381 and he did a awesome job! Feel free to try it out! Enjoy! Alos it's converted by xTurntUpLobbies, he wrote this: A few things I'd like to note, I had to remove a few things due to size restraints. Including, trampoline, secret room, BlueBerry Sky-base, and physics sky-base (non of these are really that great anyway, secret room had bugs also). Besides that I added some useful mods inside administration menu. It had barely anything in it so you'll thank me later =p. Also "laser" won't freeze your console but only because I made it so it doesn't work. Next up is Project x v2 for conversion :grinning: (just got to get past this damn hunk_AllocateTempMemoryHigh error). Oh! Almost forgot, the files go inside your game files PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ENGLISH/HERE. You'll need a game backup to transfer the files.


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Agreedbog381 - Creator of the menu and resize tutorial
Me - for spending long hours converting this​

Have fun!​