call of duty

  1. IM x MoDzz

    Outdated [Alpha Release] ZeppelinRPC Remastered Steam Modding Tool

    So I have decided to make ZeppelinRPC Remastered public for an Alpha test. So far I only have modern warfare codded, However I already have loads of other stuff for the other cods which I will add at a later date. There is only 50 Alpha key's so be quick the Alpha will run until next Saturday...
  2. vampytwist

    GSC "Rise" Menu Base Beta

    #using scripts\codescripts\struct; #using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared; #using scripts\shared\system_shared; #using scripts\shared\array_shared; #using scripts\shared\hud_util_shared; #using scripts\shared\hud_message_shared; #using scripts\shared\util_shared; #insert...
  3. X

    Release MultiMods V1. Mods for PS3

    MultiMods V1 PS3 JTAG Only. v2 (No Jtag MENUS) Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : 9 NEW .FastFile Mod Menu Patchs: Choco´s Private Patch V1.0 and V2.0 GfK. Legacy Edition Patch Update #5 IVI40A3Fuzion Patch MostDope V2 Project Encore V2 SoooWasted 2017...
  4. vampytwist

    Release Black Ops 3 Zombie Mod Menu - Elasticity v1 Final Version

    Old video, all the functions/mods have since been added from the original patch Steam : Steam Workshop :: Elasticity v1 Final Version Mods folder: Download Credits: AgreedBog381 - The creator of the menu. Mikeeeyy - For having a lot of the original ideas within this menu. CabConModding -...
  5. D

    Answered I need help with playing custom maps on a cracked version of Black Ops 3 (Problem Solved)

    Hello there, I was trying to install a custom map (kyassuruz) but looking at the installation guide told me to put the map in a folder called usermaps in the root directory of black ops 3. I created a folder and named it usermaps and put the custom map in there, then i loaded up black ops 3 and...
  6. T

    Question Cod4/waw/bo1 menus

    Hello guys I'm new to this site really also new I sh to PC modding it was allways xbox for me can remember the day I got a menu when I was like 13 XD but I just wanted to ask really has anyone got some suggestions for menus to try and if I think there really good I'll make YouTube videos ect...
  7. SCP

    Tutorial How to use custom zombie maps manually without steam?

    Hello guys, in this short tutorial I will show you how to install a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Map manually totally without steam. Please leave questions and suggestions below! Enjoy! Download a custom zombie map here: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | CabConModding Unzip...
  8. SCP

    Call Of Duty: WW2 Ditching Health Regen, Has Some Form Of Dedicated Classes

    "You have to worry about every bullet," says developer Sledgehammer. Call of Duty: WWII was revealed in a lot more depth yesterday, with developer Sledgehammer Games unveiling the game's release date, special editions, private beta, and first story trailer. Now, more details have emerged...
  9. TryRed

    Answered BO3 Custom maps on cracked game?

    Hi there. I was wondering if there is any way of using custom maps on black ops 3 zombies with a cracked version of the game. I previously purchased the game but my disk broke and I lost my steam account. ill be greatfull for the advice. thanks
  10. Quacked420

    Outdated Can't get on Ferris Wheel

    So I have the Ferris Wheel ride in my menu and whenever I go to ride it I press square and it just makes me crouch and I don't get on the ride, I'll attach the files if someone can help. :) GSC
  11. SCP

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Maps | Black Ops 1 Nuketown Remake + Download

    Hello everyone, today I will share this awesome custom map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3! It brings the original Nuketown back to Black Ops 3. Preview Features A recreation of a fan-favourite map nuketown from Black Ops 1! This is my first ever go at making a map let alone a...
  12. CF4_99

    Release (ZM) Editing The Mystery Box Price/Hiding It

    Hello Everyone, today I have another release, and it is 2 things, 1. Changing The Price Of The Mystery Box To Whatever You Want. 2. Hiding/Taking Away The Mystery Box I have been trying to find a way to change the price of the Mystery Box for a while and finally found it, I also stumbled across...
  13. DF_AUS

    GSC Cinematic Mod Menu preview

    Hello CCM :grinning: I started working on this menu months back and only recently started working on it again,it has very simple visuals,i dislike big menus :y: Not sure if i will release it when complete,if i have time to make some cool stuff maybe i will release,maybe not,will see: #Update...
  14. Craze

    Release Rosa 0.2 | Alpha

    Rosa 0.2 I still have a lot of work to do, can't wait for the full release though. If someone records this, I will put it on the thread. Just reply with the link. (I need someone popular to upload a video on it lol) Credits: Me CabCon (Dvar Sliders) xTUL (AIO Base) TehMerkMods (PS3 Freeze)...
  15. CabCon

    Tutorial Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC Modding - How to start coding a mod? Startup Mod +Download

    Hello guys, in this tutorial I want to assist every old GSC coder from a older Call of Duty. I will show you here how to make a zombie mod which will call a function on any spawn of the player. You can continue with your code after that. :grinning: So let's get started. Video version of this...
  16. SCP

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Weapon | Black Ops 2 Weapons in Black Ops 3 MP & ZM + Download

    Hello everyone, today I will share this awesome Gun-mod for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3! It brings all Black Ops 2 Weapons (some bo1) to Black Ops 3! Preview Features This is a mod for bo3 that has bo2 weapons in it. This mod includes: -Ray Gun MKII -Blundergat -Hell`s Retriever -AN-94...
  17. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 3 GSC Scripting - Disable Cheats Mod Tools - Anti-Cheat Code

    Hi everyone, in this small thread you will found out how to disable the cheat commands (god, noclip, give) on a custom map or gamemode, developed with the black ops 3 mod tools. Credits for the code are going to natesmithzombies, Koan and DidUknowiPwn! Thank you for sharing it! Navigate to...
  18. CabCon

    Tutorial How to install any Black Ops 3 Mods/Mod menu on pc without steam | English tutorial by CabCon

    How to install any Black Ops 3 Mods/Mod menu on pc without steam? Hello guys, in this tutorial I would like to show you how to install any black ops 3 mod menu without steam. Be sure to post problems below. Cheers :peace:! Video version of this tutorial: First of all you download a mod menu...
  19. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 Mini Menu GSC PS3/Xbox /PC by {IH}Freeplayer20896 + Download

    Hello CabConModding, today I will share with you this small Menu for Black Ops 2! Enjoy it, all credits are going to my bro, Freeplayer20896! Check his website out: Intentionhackers Preview Credits Freeplayer20896 Download Original Developer post: Black Ops 2 Mini Menu GSC PS3/Xbox...
  20. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Ray Gun Mod by Rollonmath42 + Download

    Hey ccm, today I will share this awesome bo1 mod with you! This mod is created by Rollonmath42 and it will actually give you the ray gun in the multiplayer of black ops 1. Preview Download (PC only) mp_rollons_rayguns Credits Rollonmath42 Regards, CabCon.