call of duty

  1. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Ray Gun Mod by Rollonmath42 + Download

    Hey ccm, today I will share this awesome bo1 mod with you! This mod is created by Rollonmath42 and it will actually give you the ray gun in the multiplayer of black ops 1. Preview Download (PC only) mp_rollons_rayguns Credits Rollonmath42 Regards, CabCon.
  2. G

    Tutorial How to make a L33T Gamemode

    Hey Guys! I wanted to make this quick tutorial on how to make an amazing gamemode on MW3! Its pretty easy! Step 1: Go Into a Game Step 2: Pick anything but a class without an RPG or Riot Shield Step 3: Spell out "Hax" with your bullets How it should look like this Once that is done you can...
  3. Oroch


    Virus Scan: Antivirus scan for ced8726435a018ec48696ff191bb3e92316b120cbfea07d2a1f36d45060bb44b at UTC - VirusTotal Download: Oroch Modder - WAW TOOL SUBSCRIBE: oroch - YouTube SKYPE: oroch.modder PSN: JoaoFranciscoVB
  4. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Helicopter Ride Mod by master131

    Hello guys, today I will share with you this Helicopter Ride Mod for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Mod Description Basically what it is, is your riding on top of a helicopter on the propeller and you can remotely control it. It even has a built in GPS system I created (might glitch sometimes) and...
  5. CabCon

    Outdated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Project CabePex V1 Alpha by CabCon & xePixTvx

    CabePex V1 Hello guys, I would like to introduce project cabepex! This is a Modern Warfare 1 menu project by me and @xePixTvx! This is not the final version, we just release it as a first alpha here for our premium members now for everybody to say thank you! Also modding is free, this menu...
  6. CabCon

    Release COD: World At War - Elasticity v1 Mod Menu Converted to PS3 + Download

    Hello everyone, today I want to share this awesome menu with you! It's created by Agreedbog381 and he did a awesome job! Feel free to try it out! Enjoy! Alos it's converted by xTurntUpLobbies, he wrote this: A few things I'd like to note, I had to remove a few things due to size restraints...
  7. CabCon

    Release Redacted T6 LAN Developer Client +Download

    Redacted Hello guys, today I present you the Redacted T6 Developer LAN Client. You can simple use Mods by useing GSC Studio or the script "mods folder". Features Play Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Multiplayer - Zombie Offline without a connection. Develop GSC Mods with GSC Studio, without any...
  8. CabCon

    Release Cod Black Ops 1 Edited Map Nova Six - FIVE Mod + Download

    Nova Six is a mod created by Dr. LilRobot with lots of help from the UGX community. Video The outbreak in the Pentagon has begun, and you find yourself surrounded. Dr. Schroader speaks out, and claims he can help you. Will you free him, or will you try your luck against the undead horde...
  9. CabCon

    Release [GSC] Black Ops 1 Trickshot Mod Menu CenTurY's Azza Lobby V5 by CenTurY

    CenTurY's Azza Lobby Firstly, I need to give a shoutout to Loz and Meth for helping me with some functions in the menu. Since it got leaked, I have no intention in keeping it private. I am not going to update this. Source Code is in the download but compressed, have fun :grinning: Main...
  10. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 GSC Managed Code List

    Hello everyone, here you will find a List of all CabConCommunity´s GSC Scripts for BO2. Of course feel free to use, but give Credtis. Also post your new Scripts below. Generell Scripts [ZM/MP] CabCon´s Dvar Editor [ZM/MP] Color System [ZM/MP] StonedYoda's FX Bullet System [ZM/MP] Self...
  11. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Raw RIP

    Hello, this is a MW3 Raw Files RIP. Credits to Gagarin. Screenshot Credits Gagarin Download :cabcon: CabCon
  12. CabCon

    Preview Custom Zombie Perks Ideas!

    Dear CCM Community, this is a old post, recreated. Here we're searching Ideas for Zombie Perks. Feel free to post any Idea below :D Thank you and have a nice day ! Ideas which I like the best: Double Jump / When you jump you will jump again in the air. Scavenger / Reload all your ammo when...
  13. CabCon

    GSC [GSC] Running Menu Base List

    Here you will find a few Menu Bases for Black Ops 1. [RELEASE][GSC] Black Ops 1 - Base Menu Verification System [Multiplayers/Zombie] Created by ZeiiKeN - Ported by CabCon Screenshot Video Download Pastebin - Source (Use this Setup-Folder) [GSC]Menu Base with Theme changer(3 themes...
  14. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: Switch

    Hello CCM, In this tutorial I am going to explain how does the function "switch" works and how to use it. It is used when you have to use a lot of "if"s, to reduce the ammount of "if"s you use this switch. See the comparison below: number = randomIntRange( 1, 5 ); if( number == 1 ) a = 1...
  15. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: Operations

    Hello This is another basic tutorial I wanted to make. This one is about numbers and math functions. In cod you can use 2 kinds of numbers, "int"s and "float"s. "Int"s are entire numbers ( 2, 3, 50, 1000, 45 ... ) and "float"s are decimal numbers ( 1.1, 4.324, 6.67, 3.141592 ... ). If you have...
  16. CabCon

    Tutorial Specifically GSC Coding: 3D Hud Elements Tutorial

    Hello CCM, this is a tutorial of something that is old, but I the most people still don't know,so I decided to post it here. Is a tutorial about hud elements in 3D. It has the same effect as the death icons. This Function is by Yamato. Function Code...
  17. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Dead Ops Arcade First Person Mod + Download

    Hello CCM, this mod make possible to which between third and first person. Features - Switch between first person and third person camera by clicking CTRL button - Change your weapon by clicking ads button Screenshot Installation Put file in zone\common and replace original file. Dont...
  18. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 .menu Base by xePixTvx + Download

    Hello, not much to say! All Credits are going to @xePixTvx. Thank you and have a nice day! Video Menu Description This is made with a mixture of GSC and MENU File coding What is a menu file?: I think the easiest way to explain this = all menus(main menu,private match menu.....) are coded...
  19. P!X

    Release COD 2 Singleplayer Mod Menu

    Hello everybody :) I love how some people say "why are you still doing stuff for old COD's" xD Sooooooo now i made i little Menu for Cod 2 Singleplayer ;) Its a very small menu but i like it cause its "something new" and cause its very very basic, it doesnt have much options cause i havent put...
  20. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: Functions

    Hello This is the first basic tutorial about GSC, first time about Functions, I will explain how are they and how to call them, gsc codes are all inside functions, by calling new functions you do different things in game. The default function structure: Function1( ) //Name of the Function...